City moves forward on monkey hot tubs and texting ban

The new photo of our current city council

You sometimes wonder if anyone at city hall is in touch with the local-yokals. This was pretty evident at the ribbon cutting today of the River ‘Millions over budget’ Greenway project. But I am going to give that it’s own post.

Second reading of spending the 4 million dollar surplus is on Tuesday’s agenda;

This of course includes the expenditure for the monkey hot tubs (that should be privately funded);

Apparently we have so much money sitting around in Sioux Falls, this seems like a great way to spend it. Here’s the deal. Nothing against zoos or young families, but when I see lines of people outside of food banks and food giveaways at churches I think using taxpayer money to build spas for monkeys is ludicrous and ridiculous. Like I said, I think the snow monkey exhibit will be awesome, but it should be privately sponsored. If you disagree with me, I ask you, how much have you donated privately to the zoo? I wonder if Darrin Smith also screwed up this naming rights deal?

I also see the Public Services Committee is exploring the texting ban, even though several educated law enforcement officials have told them this is a state law issue;

(a) No person shall use or have in their immediate physical possession a handheld electronic communication device while operating a motor vehicle or a bicycle on a street or highway within the city limits of Sioux Falls.

Like I have said in the past, I dislike people who do this kind of stuff, but this is a state law issue, not a local issue.




#1 Pathloss on 06.09.12 at 4:23 am

No monkeying around with dildos while driving. Next theyll install traffic cameras for enforcement.

#2 Pathloss on 06.09.12 at 4:28 am

Has anyone recognized that money coming in for the events center is being burned on smaller projects where Huether can skim without getting caught? This is MO for how cities go bankrupt and mayor plus Goldman Sachs get rich.

#3 scott on 06.09.12 at 7:29 am

The way that reads, even if it is in your pocket, you are in violation.

#4 l3wis on 06.09.12 at 8:12 am

Is that a nanner in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

#5 scott on 06.09.12 at 10:14 am

I didn’t know biking and texting was a problem.

#6 anominous on 06.09.12 at 10:42 am

I heard the city was going to patch the 6 inch holes in the 22nd street bike lane with a special mixture of ground up dollar bills and monkey shit. I would take a picture of these holes, but I won’t since it would be illegal.

#7 John on 06.09.12 at 12:13 pm

There is no need for government more criminal laws here. We have negligence and negligent driving statutes. The answer is not another law.

Simply allow the private sector to work. Simply allow insurance companies to waive covering accidents where the motorist used an electronic device. Fast-track the necessary electronic discovery. Allow the injured or relatives of the deceased to collect quintuple damages via binding arbitration – avoiding the time and endless appeals in the civil courts. It’s usually pretty easy to pinpoint the time of the accident. It’s precise to pinpoint whether, what time, and usually where an electronic device was used.

#8 l3wis on 06.09.12 at 1:09 pm

John, you are correct.

#9 Karen Reader @ spa cover on 06.14.12 at 12:34 pm

Hot tubs should only be used by humans and not animals. Who thought of the idea to build monkey a spa?