Thumbs Up; Public Input during the Urban Ag Task Force meetings

I don’t give credit very often to public officials or the city, but I have to give a BIG THUMBS UP to the Urban Ag Task force for allowing public testimony.

Not only does it allow citizens to voice their opinion on a certain topic, it helps them to shape policy. I couldn’t imagine how these new ordinances and regulations would turn out if councilors wouldn’t allow public input and just did what they wanted to, that would be a travesty. I hope they continue to allow the public input right up until they vote on the new ordinances.


#1 Pathloss on 06.18.12 at 8:56 pm

City employees can’t have sheep in town. Maybe better many live out of town where sheep love is legal.

#2 l3wis on 06.18.12 at 9:18 pm

thank you for picking up the sarcasm

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