The Best Political Blog in SD?

I would have to agree, the best, independent, non-partisan political blog in the state is David Montgomery’s politicalsmokeout.

Which I find refreshing.


This is a guy who makes his living from a gigantic media company that attacks bloggers, kisses the asses of advertisers, and let’s local politicians walk all over the publisher.

So while the poor subscribers who pay for a daily newspaper subscription have to read the boring drivel in the dead tree version, us political nerds get to read the ‘GOOD STUFF’, for FREE on David’s blog.

Keep it up Argus. I love it when you poke yourself in the eye.


#1 cr on 08.01.12 at 8:55 am

Southdacola says….

….. a gigantic media company that lets local politicians walk all over the publisher.

Think Megan Luther, Mike Huether and Randell Beck.

I am at Carnegie on a weekly basis for Council meetings. I watched as a young reporter, Megan Luther, very diligently strived to report the “people’s business” in a fair and accurate way.

Suddenly she was gone…..

And, when I inquired about this, I was outraged to find she had been banished from the people’s townhall by a newly-elected mayor who did not like the things she was reporting and by an employer who failed to protect her AND the public!!

I lost a lot of respect for both the Mayor and the AL organization over this………

#2 l3wis on 08.01.12 at 11:05 am

Cr is right about this one. Luther told me the story shortly after the incident happened. Let’s just say after that day she had a different name for Mike Huether. I was glad to see Luther get out from the clutches of the AL.