On Tuesday SF city councilors will vote on holding the snowgate election this Spring. (They conveniently put the resolution as Item #31 at the bottom of the agenda – which is fine, because they will have to stare at us snowgaters for an hour or so before public testimony – and we are bringing props!)

This is precedent for several reasons. Not just for the number of signatures that were turned in, in such short period of time (7,000 valid in 10 weeks) but good government and common sense would tell us that an election of this scope should be held ASAP. Denying a citizen driven petition a timely election would be a first in SD, as far as I can tell, and make the members of the council who vote NO, really look like a bunch of self-serving, self-interest jerks.

Oh, they will make the ‘We haven’t studied snowgates enough argument.’ (They have been around for over 40 years). And my other favorite ‘We haven’t budgeted for it OR even have the money.’ (The council and the mayor have the power, thru, ironically, resolutions to appropriate funds, reserves, and transfers, whenever they want to, and secondly have over $100 million to play with in the 1st penny operations fund) So when they spout this, they are flat out lying.

So here is the word on the street;

• Rolfing will not be in attendance (that leaves us seven councilors)

• Entenman and Karsky are FOR SURE NO votes.

• Aguilar is on the fence with Erpenbach (with Michelle leaning Yes).

Staggers, Anderson and Jamison are YES votes.

Huether, who would normally be the tie breaker has not taken a position, he is probably busy playing pickle ball or combing his hair, either way, I am sure he will follow the vote by saying, “Now this is government at work, people of Sioux Falls. Good Job!”

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the media isn’t covering this, because the average citizen doesn’t spend big advertising dollars with our media. And I know people think I am a conspiracy theorist for saying that, but I know how the small minds in this city work. Trust me, the Sales Manager and Managing Editor ARE talking to each other, even if the peon reporters are not.

There has also been this assumption that councilors are calling back citizens and responding to their questions about the election. Not happening as frequent as they would like you to think. I know of one councilor who has been left several messages from multiple constituents and has not returned one single call.

Here’s the deal, this isn’t about snowgates, it’s about responding to citizen’s requests to hold an election. That’s it. Heck, snowgates may fail, who knows?! We will have months to have that argument, allow us to have it!

7 Thoughts on “Snowgates; Why is the SF Media strangely quiet about the election resolution?

  1. ….I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the media isn’t covering this, because the average citizen doesn’t spend big advertising dollars with our media…

    The pay leader did allow Theresa to speak today. Do you believe the mayor supports them as Theresa suggests?
    I for one believe the mayor is against them. Diamond Jim does nothing til he’s told to by the mayor. If the diamond says no, then that’s the mayors opinion on the matter.

  2. KSFY ran the story Tuesday night.

  3. Reading the language of the initiative its crystal clear the authors and those who signed the petition (myself included) intended and desired to have snowgates in use in 2013. It couldn’t be any more unambiguous. Each councilor can make any excuse they like, but my opinion would be a no vote on this would be be an explicit statement that you, said councilor, have no regard for your constituents – and that you believe you are not accountable to the people that elected you. By putting in a start date, the initiative makes clear the intention of the signatories was to have a special election. So call it. You are allowed to be against snowgates. You are allowed to work to get them defeated if you want. You aren’t allowed to override the will of your electorate. To me this a deal breaker litmus test for each councilor.

  4. pathloss on December 15, 2012 at 11:35 am said:

    Last paragraph here says it all. Citizen are left out of city government process. Proof we’re not a democracy. Tuesday is not about Snowgates. Give us a voice or we’ll vote you out and demand ‘Home Rule’ be replaced with a constitutional charter.

  5. pathloss on December 15, 2012 at 1:14 pm said:

    Thanks Theresa. I’m glad I’m on your side. Entenman and the holdouts may survive this bout but their wounds will not heal.

  6. pathloss on December 15, 2012 at 1:25 pm said:

    I’d not serve as councillor with this form of government but I’d want to be Staggers, Anderson, or Jamison for this event. Subtle cheers and applause is what good public servants merit. A standing ovation for Stehly. Save the Hitler salutes for Huether.

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