Jamison to make it official

Greg Jamison will be publicly announcing he’s running for Mayor of Sioux Falls Tuesday, July 23, 10:30 A.M. at Campus Park, 1700 S. Summit (26th and Summit).


#1 LJL on 07.23.13 at 9:49 am

My first question will be: What is your view of the 50 million for 10 acres railroad farce that we are asked to swallow?

Second: What criteria do you propose to implement in order to make TIF’s much harder to receive and make them worthy of taxpayers generosity?

Third: What has “home rule” done for the people of this city?

#2 Detroit Lewis on 07.23.13 at 1:42 pm

I watched the announcement online;

Jamison’s focus is to change the culture in city government.

“But over the past three years we’ve seen a shift away from that balanced approach of governing. We’ve seen a loss of communication between the administration, the council and the public,” Jamison said.

Greg also mentioned the mayor’s ‘Boom Town’ Mentality. But what do you expect, salesman are always in it for themselves and closing the deal, they don’t care about the long term consequences. Just look at the arterial roads funding thru platting fees. When Lloyd was pushing that, he didn’t care that the economy was going to shit, or that the developers would ever put in their share. I agree with Jamison on one thing in his announcement, balanced, well planned slow growth is more prudent then ramming stuff thru.

#3 Big Guy on 07.23.13 at 8:23 pm

I was hoping Staggers would jump in the race again but I am willing to give Jamison a chance. We will have a year to see how he go through with his campaigning.

I spoke with several of my friends and they said more positive things about him than they said about Huether.

So we shall see…

#4 cr on 07.23.13 at 9:51 pm

Jamison wants to change the culture in city hall and restore the communication between the mayor’s office, the city council and the public.

Mike’s response (KELO at 6:00):

“This culture of progress, this culture of working together, this culture of open dialogue, this culture of being positive, I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Huether said of the current mood in city hall.

Game on…………..

#5 Poly43 on 07.24.13 at 7:43 am

If this vote was restricted to city employees only, Jamison would win in a landslide. That alone should tell us something.

#6 hornguy on 07.24.13 at 9:37 am

I’m certainly willing to see what Jamison has to offer, but I’m not exactly encouraged reading comments like “The challenge we have today is this boom-town mentality from our mayor. We need to preserve and promote values that made Sioux Falls great.”

That reeks of the small-minded, parochial, South Dakota for real South Dakotans mentality that this state desperately needs to kick if it’s ever going to grow up, diversify its economy, and generate the revenue needed to create the educational infrastructure essential to sustaining growth.

#7 rufusx on 07.24.13 at 11:00 am

Bigger to a city issue. The state’s rate of growth since the 1930s has been much lower to most of the rest of the nation. The growth of the city of SF, with minor help from RC has been the ONLY reason the state has had any growth at all.

#8 rufusx on 07.24.13 at 11:12 am

Can’t run a larger city like it’s a small town. You think you’ve got problems with government inconsistencies now…….. try running SF like a small town (council decides EVERYTHING right down to traffic tickets on a case-by-case basis also known as based on who you know) and you WILL have people marching down the streets with pitchforks. Answer is MORE impartial professionalism, not less.

#9 Detroit Lewis on 07.24.13 at 11:17 am

HG – I understand Jamison’s statement perfectly. Balanced, well-planned growth is the way to go. A great example of this is the WM vs. Costco growth models. While WM is bigger and has grown faster, they also have a terrible record on wages, the environment and public policy. While Costco has grown slow and doesn’t have any of those issues. The city is eventually going to hit a brick wall if continue our growth so quickly.

#10 l3wis on 07.24.13 at 11:58 am

Ruf, simmer down now. I think Jamison is looking at working with the council on policy, which is not happening currently. The city of SF is not a dictatorship.

#11 hornguy on 07.24.13 at 12:00 pm

Yes, and Costco has an average customer with a household income in excess of $80k, operates its core business at a loss which is subsidized by the $2+ billion it brings in each year in membership fees (something lower and lower-middle class Walmart shoppers will NOT be forking over), stocks over six times fewer items than Walmart, and accordingly is able to generate vastly greater productivity from its far fewer (and accordingly, better paid) workers. You’re way too smart to be making that tired old Walmart v. Costco comparison. Their business models are completely different.

I love Costco. I’m glad we’re getting one. I’ll pony up for a membership just like I did when I used to live in places where they set up shop. But let’s go out some Saturday afternoon after Costco opens and compare the vehicles in both parking lots. You’re going to see a whole bunch of luxury SUVs and license plates that start with the number 44 at that Costco. Costco is a discount store for rich people, plain and simple.

Here’s hoping Jamison’s vision is more perfect than this lousy, tired canard of an example you used.

#12 hornguy on 07.24.13 at 12:08 pm

Sorry for my bad math, that’s actually 25 times fewer items at Costco (approximately 4,000) compared to Walmart (in excess of 100k).

#13 Detroit Lewis on 07.24.13 at 12:26 pm

I knew all of that info HG, I was comparing how COSTCO takes their time in planning their stores compared to WM, who currently trying to ramrod a store down our throats. COSTCO believes in working with a community on their projects also, something else WM and the mayor are not willing to do.

#14 anonymous on 07.24.13 at 6:47 pm

I wonder why the only photo gallery on the AL that is NOT working is of Jamison’s announcement yesterday.

#15 hornguy on 07.25.13 at 8:02 am

Yeah yeah, Costco walks on water and Walmart’s the worst thing to happen to capitalism ever. We get it. Your example is still tired, still inaccurate, and still oversimplified to the point of being cartoonish.

#16 Detroit Lewis on 07.25.13 at 10:24 am

Hey, I don’t agree with everything COSTCO does. I still think they should have told Dunham they didn’t want the TIF. But seriously, if read up on both of the companies business practices, COSTCO certainly has a better track record of how it sets up shop in communities then WM does. For WM, it’s their way or the Highway.