I try not to take birth control advice from chaste people

“I don’t believe in the use of birth control, of course I don’t have sex either.”

Nothing like watching a Bishop and a Nun fight over the use of birth control;

The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls has sent a letter to clergy saying he isn’t endorsing a nun’s speech at a private Catholic college in Yankton.

Sister Simone Campbell is speaking Thursday night at Mount Marty College. She is the director of a Catholic social justice education and lobbying group, and an outspoken supporter of the new federal health care law.

Campbell said in comments published in the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan newspaper that many Catholics have misunderstood the law’s mandate that most health plans have to cover birth control for women as a preventive service, free of charge.

Bishop Paul Swain says in his letter that the law doesn’t protect religious liberty, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops opposes it.

Hey, Pauly, it’s a healthcare law not a religious freedom law. Just saying.


#1 larry kurtz on 09.12.13 at 12:08 pm

Chaste is hardly a word thinking people would use to describe a former military man turned cleric. Swain enjoys full TriCare benefits as a former soldier of fortune.

#2 Anne Beal on 09.12.13 at 12:31 pm

It’s not about whether or not people should use birth control, it’s about who should pay for it. Why should people who don’t use it have to pay for somebody else’s? Pay for your own birth control. Pay for your own cocktails, beer, flowers, mouthwash, perfume, soap, deodorant, and whatever else you use to have sex, too.

#3 l3wis on 09.12.13 at 1:17 pm

I would be curious if the VA provides BC for military personnel, my guess is that they probably do. What some people don’t realize is that some women HAVE to take it to prevent pregnancy for health reasons.

I found this an interesting read on the topic of BC;


#4 l3wis on 09.12.13 at 1:19 pm

Anne, there has been thousands of studies that show government funding or FREE BC actually helps societal burdens. Preventing an unwanted pregnancy would actually save insurance companies and taxpayers billions in welfare and SNAP programs. You seem to have a problem with paying for someone else’s BC but throwing money and unwanted children seems to be okay with you. Seems a little ignorant to me.

#5 larry kurtz on 09.12.13 at 1:34 pm

Swain enjoys the full benefits of TriCare which pays for birth control and some abortions: why should civilians be discriminated against, Anne?

#6 larry kurtz on 09.12.13 at 1:36 pm

Does TRICARE cover abortions?

Yes but only when:
The pregnancy is the result of rape or incest; or
The life of the mother would be at risk if the mother carries the pregnancy to term.


#7 larry kurtz on 09.12.13 at 1:38 pm

TRICARE covers the following forms of birth control when prescribed by a TRICARE-authorized provider:

Contraceptive diaphragm, including measurement, purchase and replacement;
Intrauterine devices, including surgical insertion, removal and replacement;
Prescription contraceptives, including the Preven Emergency Contraceptive Kit containing special doses of regular birth control pills and a self-administered pregnancy test;
Surgical sterilization, male and female.
TRICARE does not cover:

Nonprescription spermicidal foams, jellies or sprays.


#8 Detroit Lewis on 09.12.13 at 1:41 pm

How about marmalades or preserves?

#9 larry kurtz on 09.12.13 at 1:48 pm

Or lobotomies for idiots?

#10 Detroit Lewis on 09.12.13 at 2:07 pm

Reminds me of when Thomas Marking was running for congress and poo-pooing the single payer system, even though he had worked for the Feds most of his life and enjoyed the socialized medicine. Same with Swain, “I got mine.”

#11 anonymous on 09.12.13 at 2:53 pm

Lewis, I find it interesting that Anne Beal follows your very irreverent blog!

#12 Craig on 09.12.13 at 4:25 pm

Ask Texas how it works out when you slash funding for women’s health services (including birth control). They quickly found out it would cost the taxpayers over $273 Million due to their desire to cut funding by a fraction of that amount.

Generic birth control pills or condoms might cost the taxpayer $15 a month. How much do you think it costs the taxpayer to raise an unwanted child born to a single mother who doesn’t earn enough income to feed herself muchless her child?

Brilliant logic.


#13 scott on 09.12.13 at 7:35 pm

I don’t have cancer, why should I have to pay for your cancer treatment? I didn’t break my leg, why should i have to pay for your cast? I’m not catholic, why do my kids have to eat fish on Friday at school?

#14 Detroit Lewis on 09.12.13 at 9:42 pm

anon – I don’t judge my readers, and you shouldn’t either 🙂

#15 larry kurtz on 09.13.13 at 9:59 am

Swain’s opinions are of no moral consequence: he is jealous that Sister Simone has a worldwide following while he languishes in ignominy trapped in a podunk diocese in eastern fucking South Dakota.

He is going to slapped down like the woman haters he and Pat Powers are.

#16 pathloss on 09.13.13 at 6:34 pm

News yesterday is that in the future priests could wed. Presently, priests married before they became priests are allowed to stay married. Three generations ago you had to become a priest to get a divorce. God & government work in mysterious ways. If Obamacare doesn’t work, neither does the present system and failure was a success.

#17 scott on 09.13.13 at 7:38 pm

I think you are talking about deacons in the Catholic Church.

#18 Testor15 on 09.14.13 at 7:26 am

Catholic website says don’t send women to college, they should be wives and mothers, keep’em barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen gett’n grub for the menfolk.

6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College http://www.fixthefamily.com/blog/6-reasons-to-not-send-your-daughter-to-college