And Teabaggers wonder why we call them ‘crazy’

When Lora Hubbel was announcing her candidacy for Governor the other day, she said bloggers call her names. Lora, ever wonder why that is?


#1 pathloss on 10.25.13 at 1:56 pm

No doubt politicians hate bloggers. It’s unfair to post without the full story or enough background information. On the other hand, many politicians become exposed when (before) they escaped public criticism. I don’t know Ms Hubbel and probably never will. Even if she’s elected. The media hides from critical facts. The only real resource is blog sites. I try to uncover the truth. Some bloggers know about her and I’ll accept some of their input but we must all develop our own impression.

#2 Winston on 10.25.13 at 8:21 pm

I hope she gets 35% of the vote, that would be hilarious. She could make Daugaard damaged goods for the Fall.