At least we are consistent

While the governor is busy handing out million dollar checks to staffing agencies to create a handful of jobs for a trailer making business, he continues to underfund education;

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the estimated average annual salary for South Dakota teachers is $39,580, lower than any other state. It is nearly half of what teachers in New York make.

“My husband and I both make a living. We have other jobs though. We both have other jobs outside of teaching in order to make ends meet,” Rollinger said.

I know a couple of teachers that assemble fireworks in the summer for extra dough.

When compared to other professions in SD, teachers are probably right in line with pay, not that, that is a good thing. We all need to get paid more.

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#1 Karma on 12.20.13 at 11:51 am

I have immense respect for teachers, however, they are right in line with the crappy wages in SD and I am sorry, I guarantee many of them, even though they won’t admit, partially went into this profession because they do get summers off. Complain all you want, but when I am receiving texts from my numerous teacher friends from Wild Water West, and the fact that you can be in your upper 30’s and earn over $50,000 – life isn’t so bad. This is one profession where a higher degree directly relates to a pay raise. Not true with most people who have their Master’s degree. Now – I realize this is about personal career choices – but this one definitely has its perks. Every summer, every holiday, every snow day – you have off. Now if you have to work for Homan – that would suck. It’s kind of like working for the Mayor – is there any amount of money that could make you do that every day? Not for me.