While I don’t question this expenditure for the SFPD (Item #1), it baffles me a bit . . .


I would think a pistol would last several decades if you don’t use it. Of course, the pistols for the SFPD probably get used more then any pine wood spindle safety precaution at Carnegie Hall.

By l3wis

12 thoughts on “If you don’t use something very much, how does it wear out?”
  1. Well I,because I personally donated to the cause they have 1 extra 9mm Beretta/Taurus pt 92FS with rail on it.Happened to be arrested for a misdemeanor in August whilst personally carrying it for my protection
    (Against the Nino Browns of the Lloyd properties
    ghetto slums off Sycamore
    Do not talk to police EVER.
    2 part mantra :
    Am I being detained?
    Am I free to go?

    Some jackoff when I lived @taylors place saw a bulge under my shirt and translated it to brandishing a firearm irrespective of if I was permitted and legally able to carry(agg. assault BTW) I to this day remember the faggy swat team they sent there combing the area for me for 2 hours whilst Lloyd “Taylors Place” was buttoned up under lockdown at every vehicle entrance.I didn’t even have a pistol on me that time just one of latest JBT armor defeating DPMS
    .308 carbines in a gun case.
    Did not stop me from dropping to my knees and
    offering my life for 2n’d amendment.
    Poor little 6 man team stacks didn’t even want to go on guided tour with me at DPMS plant in St.Cloud when I offered after they ogled the shit out of my rifle.
    I lived miraculously after that confrontation,and
    I always remembered those 2 things to say.

    Soon I think what you say will not matter a whit.
    Jus’ lil ‘ol me
    You have the right to ask if you are free to go. If the police say you are not under arrest, but are not free to go, then you are being detained. While detained, the police can pat down the outside of your clothing, but you still don’t have to answer any questions.

    Remember: Anything you say can be used against you.This includes any statements you are asked to sign and anything you tell a police officer at any time. Anything you say could be put in a police report, or an officer could testify in court and say what you said.

    Remember: Lying to the government is a crime. If you are caught lying, you could be charged

    OBG @ OG from .central NJ
    Refugee from tyranny of Blue NJ since 2008
    Enough info in this post for the axis of evil men in
    magic blue (black lately oooo spooky) suits who kill peoples chihuahuas or riddle a speeders car with 7 men fusillades of 2 mag dumps “so they can go home safe” while not taking the time to identify who I am.

    Kings men are no different.
    Susceptible to persuasion.
    Violent overthrow?
    No,mankind has got to know “his limitations”
    4th GW wfr.

    Great nations built from the bones of the dead,
    With mud and straw, blood and sweat,
    You know your worth when your enemies
    Praise your architecture of aggression

    Judicial Granite my effin foot
    I got more but GF shut me off when I started playing
    Megadeth utoobs.

  2. Why are you so baffled? They are selling the .40’s back and going to the 9.

    “Sioux Falls PD noted that they have made the switch to the new 9mm pistols in order to improve officer efficiency and accuracy with their duty firearms; the lighter recoiling 9mm will be easier for officers to qualify and become proficient with than the relatively harsh .40 S&W.”

  3. DL – officers are required to perform so many hours of training at the range, so by the time most of those weapons go out of service they have probably had tens of thousands of rounds ran through them. Just because they aren’t fired in the line of duty at a live target doesn’t mean they aren’t ‘used’.

    In this case it is more about switching caliber, and moving back to a 9MM is a smart option. No only does it reduce the recoil allowing for more accurate shooting, but they are cheaper to fire thus the SFPD will save quite a bit on their ammunition purchases.

    Some argue the stopping power of a 9MM isn’t as great as that of a .40 or .45 which is true, but in most cases and in the real world, that is effectively a non issue as officers are trained to continue to fire until the threat is eliminated – so chances are there will be several rounds on target. Of course there are also several higher grain 9MM rounds available, so the overall difference in force isn’t really a consideration.

  4. Poly – it really depends upon the handgun, but you are correct that in most cases a 9MM will have an extra round or two in the magazine than a .45 from the same line and manufacturer.

    For the average consumer this isn’t a huge issue, but for a LEO where it is a defense weapon it could be important. (Queue the jokes about instead of 11 missed shots we will now have 13)

  5. 40 cal handguns are on sale everywhere. It’ll be hard to find ammo soon. They’re becoming obsolete. 9 mm is here to stay. Ammo is abundant and cheaper. Officers fire their pistols often at the range. They don’t last as long as private party pistols.

    I’d like to see uniforms improvement. SF officers look like bus drivers. There should be inspections at the beginning of each shift. Filthy unpressed uniformed officers should be sent home. We don’t respect you if you don’t respect the uniform.

  6. I believe the bullet jackets must be replaced after so many years of use. The 9mm should have been used all along as they are tactically more versatile.

    Was I suppose to get a OldBubbleGuts secret decoder ring in the mail?

  7. I noticed at the city-county auction barrels full of spent casings for sale. I guess their attempts at marksmanship are good for recycling…

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