All’s well in Sanford Falls, SD . . . NOT so much in ND (H/T – KFC)


Hang your uniform on this hanger, Sanford. Oh wait, they are supporting safe, and legal abortions . . . where are the press releases? The announcements? The Bronze Statues? Gloria Steinem? Angela Davis? Freaking Joan of Ark?!


A Dakotas-based health care system has granted hospital-admitting privileges to doctors at North Dakota’s sole abortion provider, which would bring the Fargo clinic into compliance with a new state law.

In a statement Thursday to The Associated Press, Sanford Health said physicians at the Red River Women’s Clinic have been credentialed at its hospital in Fargo.

Sanford Health is a Fargo and Sioux Falls, S.D. -based health system. It bills itself as the nation’s largest not-for-profit rural health care provider, with locations in 126 communities in nine states.

It’s unclear when Sanford granted credentials to the three doctors at the abortion clinic.

Sanford’s statement said its approval of admitting privileges is “based on objective criteria that is completely focused on protecting patients and providing safe patient care.” The health system says the criteria “is applied in a neutral unbiased manner.”

Eight states including North Dakota have passed laws requiring an abortion provider to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. They only have taken effect in Utah, Tennessee and Texas, although a court challenge looms there. Judges have blocked similar legislation in Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi and Wisconsin.

Hope GAWD was on Kelby’s side when he made this decision. Oh Screw it! Let’s play some B-Ball at the Pentagon!

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#1 Helga on 02.14.14 at 2:45 pm And the r’s say there is no War on Women.