VIOLET’s Reunion Show

My favorite local band of all time (except of course for The Marbles, Wumpus, Janitor Bob, Blues Bashers, Standard Time . . . you get the picture) is planning a reunion show at The District, early Spring.

I found out last night, and was chuckling today when I was randomly going through the microfiche at the DT library, doing some old photo research and found the ‘TEMPEST’ files.

It was worth a quarter to print this Pomp Room ad out. Almost 18 years ago. WOW!



Mr. Luden, former member of Rich Show’s first SF band, NO Direction, sent me this link today.

Here’s a little video from the last show.


#1 Beer Jew on 02.09.14 at 12:36 pm

Wow. A reason to visit Sioux Falls again.

Wasn’t there an incarnation of Violet where they went through some douchey, electronic sounding phase? Or am I thinking of a different group?

I thought the Sneakies were your favorite local band?

#2 Maureen on 07.23.14 at 6:50 pm

A a four member version of Violet including Lance Beier, Heath Henjum, Mark Romanowski and Rich Show will be performing August 1st at the Downtown Block Party on the Eastbank. – See more at: