JL Beers to expand next to Chucky Cheese?

When I used to work for them, there was always talk of a second location by the Mall Area, looks like they are pulling the trigger.

11. New 2014-15 Retail Malt Beverage License for JLB-SF2 Inc., JL Beers, to be operated at 2530 South Louise Avenue.


#1 scott on 05.19.14 at 8:37 pm

I’m sure Rookies is looking forward to that.

#2 testor15 on 05.20.14 at 9:03 am

A cheesy place next to a cheesy place, what could be better.

#3 Dan Daily on 05.20.14 at 11:34 am

A pub there is a church compared to the present kiddy casino.