(Note, Independents like myself CANNOT vote for Republicans in the primary, but we CAN vote for Democrats)

Senate Republican Race, Stace Nelson. While I disagree almost entirely with Stace’s entire platform, he is truly the ONLY Republican in the race that is genuine, I also think that a race between him and Weiland would be very interesting, I also think it would be very honest.

Rounds needs to go back to selling insurance or whatever the heck he does. His dealings with the EB-5 scandal and the Mette case coverup should be enough to tell Rounds to take a hike.

Governor Republican Race, Neither interest me. If you dislike Denny as much as I do, vote the Hubbel Craft.

Governor Democrat Race, Joe Lowe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wismer has not campaigned at all and is extremely wishy washy. I think she was dug up to be the loser against Denny in November. The Democrats NEED to win the governorship this Fall, and they can do this with Lowe. And if the State Party Dems had any sense at all, after Lowe wins the primary, they would put there full resources behind him.

Circuit Judge, John Pekas. John has proven to be an effective and knowledgeable attorney and county commissioner. He is one of the few Republicans I have voted for. While Hinrichs does have experience as a current judge, I often think that we need a fresh look at the judicial system.



Rounds 40%

Nelson 26%

Rhoden 20%

Bosworth 12%

Ravnsbourg 2%


Dauguard 90%

Hubbel 10%

Lowe 65%

Wismer 35%


Hinrichs 55%

Pekas 30%

Feinstein 15%


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  1. Dan Daily on May 30, 2014 at 10:04 am said:

    What’s the points spread?

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