I guess Sioux City doesn’t have to follow the US Constitution;

An Iowa police chief says South Dakota’s drivers won’t get a free ride despite a new South Dakota law designed to protect South Dakota drivers from being ticketed by automated traffic camera systems.

The law bars South Dakota officials from providing information about the state’s registered drivers to companies such as Redflex, which operates traffic cameras in Sioux City, so Redflex can collect civil fines.

Sioux City Police Chief Doug Young says police still have ways to get the information for Redflex and says “people in South Dakota need to understand that this is not a free pass that you’ve gotten from your government.”

Young would not say how the vehicle registration information would be obtained.

Guess what Doug, the SD Supreme Court has found the red light cameras in Sioux Falls Unconstitutional, that’s why they no longer exist here. Maybe if Sioux City’s municipal government had any sense, they would dismantle their cameras also before this ends up in court again.

2 Thoughts on “Big words from a small town police chief

  1. Dan Daily on July 8, 2014 at 10:21 am said:

    Redflex is in bankruptcy. Camera tickets are illegal in 15 states. If the police chief is this stubborn, time to go. I was through Sioux City this weekend. Camera trailers are there but cameras are pointed away.

    South Dakota did the right thing. If Sioux City can’t respect the constitution, fire another volley. Maybe, deny those with Sioux City addresses SD hunting/fishing licenses.

  2. Dave R on July 9, 2014 at 8:53 am said:

    Young’s tone is sullen. The appropriate response is “Whatever, dude.”

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