I can see pros and cons to this;

• It will generate revenue for the facility.

• Parents will be able to enjoy an adult beverage while watching games.


Is a facility that is encouraging a ‘family friendly’ environment shooting themselves in the foot by serving beer?

Are taxpayers uncomfortable with this plan after subsidizing the facility ($1.5 million) and further subsidizing it through SSC’s TIF?



By l3wis

7 thoughts on “Mixed feelings about serving beer at the New IcePlex”
  1. With the problem of more people acting an ass in public and children being present I believe we should enact a rule to curb some of the the problems.

    Adults receive a wristband with their ticket. The wristband is applied tightly by staff. The wristband has 2 tear off tabs which allows the adult to purchase 2 alcoholic beverages. If a person does not have a tab left on their wristband= no alcohol.

    And something that already should be enacted is NO ONE who is clearly drunk should be allowed into any city building or park.

  2. Excellent idea LJ. I’ve thought the same for many years in relation to “events” within the best little city in America. Two drink limit wristbands for Ribfest, harley nites, germanfest, summerfest, aldean, cher, that new 16 passenger beer bike that has nothing but a lawyers dream written all over it. The odds of a responsible action taken in this town on public intoxication?


  3. What’s the unofficial prize for getting the first SWI (skating while intoxicated)?

  4. Dang you guys are sounding like the Church of Christ crowd in Texas that wouldn’t allow alcohol at the minor league baseball games so nobody went and the teams folded.

  5. Let me clarify some thoughts. I’m speaking of events in which children will be most likely present.

    I’m a sinner and I use the occasional profanity, but I grew up with different values. I don’t believe when we go to a football/basketball/baseball game and every other word we hear is F&%K…

    I expect would expect it at HHNights and Jazzfest so we don’t take our children there. It’s public events where children are encouraged to attend that alcohol should be regulated.

    I also say public parks due to kids sports and activities. I damn near got in a fist fight with 2 native american gentlemen at Covell Lake. I took my kids fishing, the 2 men were drunk and belligerent on a park bench using the F bomb every other word. We moved to another spot and they followed us. I asked them to stop cursing loud or move and they accused me being racist. They pretty much ruined a Sunday afternoon for us.

    It’s about public decorum. The more they drink the bigger the problem is. My hometowns racetrack has an alcohol section in the grandstands. The rest of the seats are alcohol free. It was and still is a great idea.

  6. Once the ice thing fails, a great place for beer pong. Cups on the ice keeps the beer cold.

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