Somebody may be eating their words

As the EB-5 scandal has reared it’s head again, it seems some in the GOP are in denial;

Craig Lawrence, the chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party, said Democratic calls for more investigation are fruitless.

“This is probably one of the most investigated matters in the history of South Dakota,” Lawrence said. “Through all this, there’s no smoking gun.”

First off, yes there have been ‘investigations’ but not a lot of answers and we have yet to hear from what the Feds have found, which leads me to believe, they are still investigating. Mr. Johnson could easily have said, “The investigation is over with.” He did not.

As for saying it will be fruitless to ask more questions, I highly doubt it. Remember, we still haven’t seen Benda’s autopsy and Joop has still not spoken publicly. It seems the GOP is running around these days with a bunch of fire extinguishers trying to put out those smoking guns.

I encourage everyone to watch the video of Patrick Duffy in the above link.

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#1 Dan Daily on 08.24.14 at 11:03 pm

This EB-5 thing is unbelievable. It’s bad enough there’s a policy to buy citizenship. Worse, any terrorist can use it to come into the country and cause billions of dollars in damage for a fraction of the price for a missle. The best way to lose a war is defeat yourself.