A Helpful guide to the SD GOP Scandals

Click HERE ( republican-graphic) to see the entire, enlarged graphic. Then download and email to your friends.



#1 No to Noem 2014! on 09.29.14 at 6:08 pm

Are you seeking donations so this can be placed in the Argus Leader and other newspapers across the state? This would be great!

#2 l3wis on 09.29.14 at 7:06 pm

Well if you want to give me money, that would be rippin’ cool, but I wouldn’t buy an ad in the Argus with it.

#3 Titleist on 09.29.14 at 8:55 pm

Gonna lose your Tea Party street cred if you keep this up.

#4 scott on 09.30.14 at 7:58 am

You should put that on Facebook so people can “share” it.

#5 Dan Daily on 09.30.14 at 8:02 am

Good graphic. Yes, not for the Argus. Not enough circulation. How about the SHOPPING NEWS? Actually, this and (perhaps) a few other blogs has impact.

Damage control for republicans this year. So many people vote republican without thinking. Tea party caused a small breakdown but not enough to change this state.

#6 No to Noem 2014! on 09.30.14 at 11:01 am

Let me clarify as mentioned above this is such a good graphic it should be all over South Dakota! Well Done!

#7 Johnny Roastbeef on 09.30.14 at 12:14 pm

Nice post l3wis.