City Government Time Machine; Platting Fee Boondoggle, 9/15/08

Last night at the regular city council meeting a citizen brought up the failure of the platting fee idea to raise money for arterial roads, and he ultimately said ‘It should be repealed’.

I couldn’t agree more, it has been a complete failure, the plan that is.

In reality when the plan was proposed on September 15, 2008 (watch the meeting here).

It may have sounded good. It was simple, they would raise the 2nd penny tax to a full penny to help pay for arterial roads. The second part of the plan was what made it attractive. While raising the penny would help pay for 40% of the arterial roads, the developers would chip in 60% in platting fees.

That HAS not occurred. In fact they haven’t even come close to probably 4-5%. And while over the past 6 years the citizen taxpayers were putting in their share, the developers have contributed very little. Heck even a few years ago, a developer complained at a council meeting that the city wasn’t holding up their end of the deal by not building enough arterial roads like they promised. This developer was told, and rightly so, once the developers hold up their part of the deal the city would chip in.

When ever this is brought up (the terms we were sold) the developers have all kinds of excuses;

• The economy took a dump

(at the meeting that night, one proponent brought up the economy tanking, in fact that day, the dow dropped a record amount. The economy downturn was ALL over the news, but somehow SF developers thought they were immune. Ask them today about that immunity)

• They claimed they never said they would put in 60%

(over the past six years I have heard this LIE. Repeatedly during the above meeting the proponents said over and over again they would put in 60%. There was even a taxpayer funded website the city put up called that claimed this amount.

• Public Works Director, Mark Cotter even repeated the plan

(He told Staggers in the meeting (1:06) that the plan was that the CIP would put in $35 million, the 2nd penny raise would put in $20 million and the developers would put in $30 million over the following 6 years. That has not even been a reality, not even close.

• As one opponent points out during testimony, there was nothing in the proposal to ‘legally bind’ the developers to put in what they promised. Nothing.

• And now that the economy has turned around and building is booming in Sioux Falls, will developers give us back pay on these platting fees to at least match what taxpayers had to put in (during an economic downturn) Of course not, just more excuses.

• The vote went down 4-4 with Munson breaking the tie and voting for the increase. Councilors Staggers, Costello, Beninga, Anderson voted against the increase and Councilors Brown, Knudson, Litz and Jamison voted for the increase.

• Even though this plan did fail, and the developers haven’t put their fair share in over the last 6 years, it hasn’t stunted growth at all. Why? Because once again, the taxpayers of SF have been bailing out the developers.

Some ‘Other’ highlights of the meeting;

• Mayor Munson gaveling me at the beginning of the meeting during public testimony when I made the accusation that the ethics commission were puppets for the administration. After he chews me out and tells me they are independent, I asked him, “But you appointed them? Correct?” He answered yes.

• Vernon Brown flipped his vote. When this first came up months earlier, Vern voted against it, this night he voted for it.

• Kermit points out that they weren’t following the proper state law to pass the platting fees (taxes) and should not even been voting on it.

• All the Proponents got to go first to testify, while the opponents had to wait almost 2 1/2 hours, instead of alternating speakers.

• Another funny moment was when Bill Peterson told Staggers that people weren’t flocking to move to Minot, ND to live anytime soon.


My KELO interview a year after the tax increase

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#1 Greg Neitzert on 09.10.14 at 9:27 pm

I will just say I forgot how much fun it was to watch Mayor Munson gavel someone….and how much fun it was to watch De complain about how hard her job is/was 🙂

#2 l3wis on 09.11.14 at 10:49 am

“I’m just so tired.” I wanted to say to her, “Go back to watching TV.”

#3 Detroit Lewis on 09.11.14 at 3:22 pm

Just looked at the July Financial report, page 18;

Let’s just take what was put in this year so far, remember, another record building year.

The tax increase has put in: $2.4 Million and the Developers platting fees have put in $.5 million. Not even close to their 60% promise in a record building year.

This was a ploy to get a tax increase and to get the public pay for NEW arterial streets.

#4 Dan Daily on 09.12.14 at 10:28 am

Platting is not an expensive process. Developers recognize the fees as taxation the mayor can redirect into the private SF Tennis Assoc.. These fees should be avoided if not ignored.

What should happen is usual (like other cities) sidewalks, drainage, & frontage at/about new developments. If you develop, you must blend with the surroundings economically, safely, & aesthetically. Presently, taxpayers pick up the tab for inferior streets and upgrades.

#5 Lewis on 09.12.14 at 6:32 pm

Also watch this Land Use meeting from 5/21/14, FF to 38:00 where they discuss the arterial streets. Watch as Anderson chews butt about the lie that was told to the council about the 2nd penny increase and platting fees.

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