Hey Mr. Engineer, they are called ‘Swedge Joints’

Remember the EC press conference for the siding mockups? Remember how our public works director (an engineer) kept referring to the ‘sledge joints’. A carpenter informed me last night,

“Wouldn’t an engineer know they are are called ‘Swedge’ not ‘Sledge’ joints?”

I personally did not know that either, but I am also not an engineer or a public works director.


#1 Dan Daily on 09.10.14 at 1:51 pm

What’s important is they fix it without removing the panels. Very embarrassing if panels removed and nothing inside the walls. I’m wondering if any part of the construction was code and whether there’s safe support.

#2 Taxpayer on 09.11.14 at 6:10 am

This engineer you refer to makes $170,539.20 per year plus benefits.