The anti-green energy folks are rearing their UGLY heads again with the tired old argument about how a solar panel looks;

“We live out of Sioux Falls, but we’re still close enough to Sioux Falls so you pay for that when you move out here. To sell this house after that goes up, I don’t think anybody else wants to look at that.” Jana Peterson said.

No Jana, you don’t want to look at it. It’s solar panels, they make no noise and are almost completely motionless, and as Geronimo energy has pointed out, there will be a cornfield around them, so in some parts of the year, you won’t even see them, and besides, what if you do have to look at them? What is so ugly about solar panels? Seriously?! Studies have also shown solar farms don’t reduce property values. But, But, But, I’m not getting anything from it . . .

“It’s not going to make a difference on us, we’re on Southeastern Electric out here. It’s not going to help us, so why do we have to look at it to help their energy bills,” Peterson said.

Actually you are wrong, the more green energy we use it benefits us all by helping our environment.

Please people, get over your anti-global warming, anti-green energy rhetoric. Green energy is the smart way to go. I much rather live next to a solar farm or a wind turbine then a coal plant.

11 Thoughts on “Those Ugly, Hideous, Scary looking Solar Panels

  1. Vocal minority there. I’ve talked with other people who live next to that site – and they have nothing against it so long as they consider it “properly screened”. In fact, one of them said they prefer it to some alternatives – like apartments complexes full of “those LSS kind of people” – or a Walmart 🙂 (Not that those comments are any less hideous when you get down to it.) Even said he didn’t particularly like looking at cornfields either.

    Just fortifies the theory that people who prefer to live in the country just don’t particularly like other people. Or human activities in general That’s why the majority of them live “in the country” (1/2 mile from town).

  2. Dan Daily on September 25, 2014 at 12:55 pm said:

    The majority live in the country because they don’t have to pay for indoor sports temples, token TIF’s, & developer favors.

    If you must complain, say something about wind farms. With all the props, the earth is about to leave orbit. The top red lights at night seems like a mass alien sortie invasion. It’s cleaner than coal power but it’s bizarre obvious.

  3. It’s their neighborhood, they have the right to have a say. Let’s apply the same mentality that you have with the south Walmart. Who was there first?

    Right now solar and wind power is simply being done for the subsidies and the PR game. Excel is building these farces to undermine the debate with the anti coal fools. It’s much like that patch of tall grass that CitiBank calls a natural preserve. Just utter horse shit.

    Did you know it would take all of the land of Delaware using both wind and solar just to power Manhattan. If you love alternative energy you better be prepared to live close to it. Because of the limited power generation of these operations, you need them close as most of the electricity is lost in transmission. I travel past the southern Minnesota wind farm weekly as most days they are not spinning. Just a big fat cash gift to to land owners and power co-ops from the gov.

    Someday we will have an alternative to coal, but until then all of todays efforts are just window dressing.

  4. As I said Dan – they don’t like having to deal with people – ESPECIALLY people who may have a different POV to their own, and they don’t like human activity in general. Social participation (whatever form that may take) is NOT a meaningful part of their lives.

  5. LJL – government of by and for what the neighbors think is NOT the way this country works. Ask Bruce Danielson.

  6. I think you’ve inadvertently labeled “suburban NIMBYism” as “anti-green energy.” Substitute “Bonita Schwan” for “Jana Peterson” and “Walmart” for “solar panels” and you’ll see that they are, for all intents and purposes, the same person peddling the same argument.

    But other than that, I agree with you on this one.

  7. Really you should get you facts before you comment on this….. everyone out there is against it… I live out here and we have all gotten together as a group and not 1 person wants it… And no noise REALLY!!! you maybe need to go by one when they are up and running!! And also have you looked into all the ones that are shut down because the goverment funding run out.. And they are just left there… Put that in your front window to look at..Also maybe look into the risks that go along with these

  8. I have a bar, a plumber’s shop, an office supplies company, a can recycling center, a hospital parking ramp, 3 railroad tracks, one of the busiest streets in Sioux Falls, and an electrical transformer station (literally in my backyard) all within clear view. You want to talk about noise? I still have not mentioned I am the flight landing path of the airport or have to hear McKennan’s helicopter taking off about 3 times a day and you are worried about a solar farm?! And I thought I had it rough. Geez.

  9. Liesha on October 7, 2014 at 7:03 pm said:

    Just like you make your statement on this site we all know you don’t stand alone. But, unless you are blind, there is not only one person standing behind the negativity of what could become of the corn fields across the gravel road. As passionate as you feel about your opinion, anyone else has the right to be as passionate about there’s. Do not decide to single one person out before you walk around and figure out that, even though there’s not as many as your statistics and research would like, there are people who love looking at open fields were some how and some way the land hasn’t been tampered by corporate America.

  10. Liesha on October 7, 2014 at 7:11 pm said:

    There’s is also the fact the corn is not planted every year on the same soil. The thought that corn would cover up the panels is incorrect when you consider that corn reaches its peak hight nearly a month or so before its harvested. Therefore your fact of corn covering up the panels is true on the basis of covering it up 1 month in a two year span.

  11. First off, you can come here and speak whenever you want to Liesha. Trust me, I don’t moderate people because I want to censor your opinions, a lot of people like to come on here and say nasty libelous crap and to try to sell viagra.

    As for this statement “tampered by corporate America” You ain’t kidding, the KOCH brothers have fought green energy for years and continue to spread beautiful sunshine (we wish) about how bad solar and wind is. If I had a solar farm going across the street from me, I would brag to my friends, it is a wonderful thing.

    Don’t believe everything the KOCH brothers tell you. The sun is our friend.

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