I commend anybody who is willing to give towards combatting hunger  in SD;

large donation from a Huron couple is helping a non-profit organization which fights hunger in the state.

With a food distribution to follow, officials with Feeding South Dakota announced the $1 million donation from Paul and Muffy Christen Tuesday.

The money will go into an endowment. Its interest will feed South Dakotans for years to come.

I think it is great many leaders and philantropists are coming forward in SD to help this charity, but I often wonder if these same leaders put the same amount of time and effort into raising wages in South Dakota and raising our quality of life if it would be time, energy and money better spent instead of helping these people once they hit the bottom of the pyramid. it would also be nice if we eliminated the sales tax on food.

Like I said, there will always be ‘hungry’ people in our state that need assistance, but let’s work harder to reduce those numbers by helping some of these people make a living wage. Prevention is usually the best cure to a problem.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “To heck with FEEDING South Dakotans, how about PAYING South Dakotans so they can afford to feed themselves”
  1. Wow you hit the point 100 percent on that.I am just fortunate all kids got great jobs out of state.Unfortunately their are many employers who could pay more but won’t .Then they wonder why they cant find people to work.Thanks for great article.

  2. Interesting idea: Donate dollars to a food center. Deduct the donation (federal). Get non-taxable (state) exchange points for use there. In other words, a barter system method with 20% food cost savings. Also, a competitor for the HyVee monopoly.

  3. I believe the reason for so much angst over the economy is because income and wages do not keep up with the cost of buying groceries and other necessities. Raising the minimum wage will not solve the problem entirely but it will close the gap somewhat. We need to raise it and all thoughtful people should support it.

  4. if companies paid their employees more, then they couldn’t feel good about giving money to the food bank instead.

  5. Scott makes a point. It’s easier to watch the working class struggle when you deduct donations. Many minimum wage workers qualify for food stamps and frequent food banks. A special dinner is a boullion cube for your ramen noodles or what you managed to pilfer from your fast food job.

  6. A million $ in the bank won’t do dick as far as interest
    goes thanks to the ZIRP policies of Binyamin Bernanke
    (continued by evil dwarf Janet Yellen I ain’t smellin) and the federal reserve.
    An honorable gesture,these greasy crumb suckers on
    Wall Street skim off the top of everything now aided by their nefarious enablers in the swamp off of the Potomac river.We are and have been
    in a depression since 2008.
    In 2006 my interest on 3 accounts (gotta love FDIC until it doesn’t work) paid ALL my living expenses
    Now not so much.
    Look up Wallstreetpro2 on youtoob for shit’s and giggles.

    In Art and Labor and making/spending less so they
    can’t get their grubby hands on it

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