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Arlo Guthrie’s performance at the Unity Concert

Had a wonderful time seeing so many great performers in Paha Sapa this past weekend at the Black Hills Unity Concert

My favorite photo is the one in the center of Arlo, Peter Yarrow and his daughter Bethany, chewing the fat before Arlo played. Peter Emceed the entire event.




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#1 Dan Daily on 09.15.14 at 10:11 pm

‘Alice’s Restaurant’ is SW. from Palo Alto CA at the junction of Skyline & LA Honda Roads. It’s like a roadside drive-in. Nothing remarkable. They sometimes sell T-shirts. It’s amidst wealthy homes. It’s a stop for expensive cars & motorcycles. The day I was there a teen drove up with his dad in a priceless classic sports car. He was learning to drive a standard shift & it was the only car they had that wasn’t automatic.