If you dig in the Planning Commission meeting agenda, Item #7, which is titled ‘Various Re-zoning’ and sponsored by the city, you will see the last item on the list;

REZ-1878-2014: REZONE from the RA-1, Apartment Residential-Low Density District to the O, Office District for allowed forms. Location: 6501 W. 41st St. – southeast of S. Sertoma Ave. and W. 41st St. Applicant: City of Sioux Falls

Purpose: The zoning map for 6501 W. 41st St. where an office to the west currently exists and vacant land to the east exists was incorrectly identified as RA-2/MD2 Form which does not allow offices in the zoning district. The city is proposing to rezone the property to the O/BCF1 Form where offices are permitted.

First, let’s just say that I am just asking the question, and not speculating. While it makes sense that they would want to rezone the property East of PP (to build offices) I’m curious as to why they are including PP in the rezoning? Since PP does medical procedures at their location, which most are not abortions, they should be zoned INSTITUTIONAL, not OFFICE.

Is this being done to force PP from that location? Or did PP say they were already moving? If so, who would lease to them?

And why is the city sponsoring this move? Who put them up to it?

9 Thoughts on “Why is the city trying to change the zoning of Planned Parenthood?

  1. rufusx on October 30, 2014 at 7:10 pm said:

    Your question is already answered in the “why” statement you quoted.

    “…..office to the west currently exists and vacant land to the east exists was incorrectly identified as RA-2/MD2 …..”

    The key word fore your understanding is where it says “and”. Both the PP office “and” the vacant land to the West were incorrectly identified.

    Get it? AND – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/and

  2. rufusx on October 30, 2014 at 7:11 pm said:

    God, you didn’t go to school AFTER or great SD education systems STOPPED the practice of diagramming sentences – did You?

  3. Wow, Ruf, this is why I asked the question, not to get clubbed over the head by an old bitter liberal. But thank you for the answer, I guess.

  4. teatime on October 30, 2014 at 9:12 pm said:

    Maybe PP is closing, like the one in Rapid City did.

  5. Greg Neitzert on October 30, 2014 at 11:14 pm said:

    I’ll answer without being snarky about it. With Shape Places, we have all new zoning districts. Every parcel in the city had to be analyzed and given the appropriate new designation. The vast majority were done properly and given the equivalent designation. But with 50,000+ parcels a few were designated incorrectly. Planning staff said they would bring these forward and at no charge (city initiated) ‘rezone’ these to the proper zoning if they goofed. They’ve done this before with a handful of others. This PP facility was rezoned to RA-1 (small apartment). That means right now it is a legal non-conforming use. The office use is not allowed in RA-1. Rezoning it to office does nothing more than make it what it should be (and IS), which is an allowed ‘form’ in an office district. The “O” Office District in Shape Places allows among other things the BCF1 form which is a small office. An office is defined as multiple things, including a medical office or clinic. This is the district you would put a medical clinic in, and the correct form. Its simply cleaning up a mistake, nothing more.

    By the way I can see how this parcel slipped through the cracks. Looking at my database of parcels, this parcel was in a PD (Planned Development) under the old ordinance. It was called “Morrow PD” (Morrow is the name of the Subdivision where it exists). The area includes a mixed use of mainly small apartments and some office uses (like this). This was previously in the Morrow PD, in SubArea B whose regulations were closely tied to the old RA-1 residential district. Since it was a custom zoning district it may have had a custom allowance for things like offices. With Shape Places PD’s were extinguished and all parcels rezoned to an equivalent zoning district. Given that the PD sub-area was based on RA-1 (small apartment) the new Shape Places RA-1 district, until you looked closer and realized this was an office, not an apartment. So again, just a cleanup. These have come up occasionally. Sometimes the city notices it, sometimes an owner notices it for whatever reason, and they fix it. That’s what they are doing here.

    I haven’t looked at the rest in depth, but I presume the other ones being changed are probably the same thing, changing their zoning to what they actually ARE – offices/etc – not small apartments.

  6. Greg – Thanks for your answer, this is why I posted this, out of curiosity.

  7. rufusx on October 31, 2014 at 8:51 am said:

    More words – no more actual information. It was still a reading comprehension issue IMO.

  8. Reading comprehension issue Ruf? From you? I’ve been reading your garble for a decade now, here and in the argus. Sometimes you can’t spell cat if spotted the C and the T. Be careful how you point that finger.

  9. Poly – you don’t understand the difference between poor typing skills/fat fingers and reading comprehension? Wow.

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