UPDATE: Who will apply to be on the Minnehaha County Commission

UPDATE: Yesterday the commission decided they will be accepting applications and resumes until December 31 for the appointment job. There was some discussion on whether they should appoint a ‘caretaker’ or basically a ‘seat warmer’. This of course was Dick Kelly’s idea, and Cindy pretty much said that was a bad idea, and they should appoint someone who is prepared to do the job in the fullest for the next two years, and if they want to run again, that would be fine.

I found out yesterday that Dean Karsky has withdrawn his name and said he is NOT seeking the appointment, but expressed interest in running for the seat in two years when he is term limited from the city council.

Mark Millage has also told me that he is not interested in the appointment either.

I’m not sure who the ‘ten’ people are, but it should be interesting when those names are released.

In other County news, it seems that the commission is backing out on their set of rules for picking an election review commission. The names I have heard so far are either elected officials, past elected officials or public employees. Bad idea. This commission should be citizen driven, NO elected officials, NO public employees and NO past officials BIAS to the process. Looks like another Kangaroo court.

I also have some other inside information about the formation of the commission that I will share AFTER the appointments. Let’s just say the cattle wrangling has already begun.


#1 Dan Daily on 11.12.14 at 5:16 pm

City councilor, chamber of commerce, county commissioner; sounds like the next mayor. When one person becomes all offices, we’ll finally become recognized as a dictatorship.

#2 Jeff Barth on 11.12.14 at 11:48 pm

Five or six people have expressed interest so far. The exact timetable is unclear but the four remaining commissioners along with Auditor Bob Litz (to prevent a 2-2 tie) vote on the appointment.

#3 Mark on 11.13.14 at 8:53 am

Jeff –
Any names?
Any others you’d recommend?

#4 Karma on 11.13.14 at 10:18 am

The fact that Karsky is even considering this shows the exact opposite of what he may think it does – a lack of integrity and a lack of leadership. A true leader finishes the task at hand – especially when he has been privileged enough for the community to put him there. A person of integrity realizes the above mentioned and then works their cans off to be more than that – not figure out how to position “themselves” selfishly.

Glad to see those good Christian values shine through in his public service life which seems to me that nothing will ever be good enough. Being humble and realizing the good graces you have been granted is shown through your actions. Karsky’s actions thus far are lacking those values.

#5 Eyes Wide Open on 11.13.14 at 8:13 pm

As you previously stated, Karsky’s embraced conflict of interest in serving both the city council and the chamber of commerce reveals his intentions and values as a true leader and public servant versus the seizing of opportunities to further one’s personal goals.

#6 Dan Daily on 11.14.14 at 10:39 am

Mr. Barth, thanks for commenting here. It’s been hard to get local news from broadcast and print. Your input is valued.