Councilors Erpenbach and Rolfing missed the whole point of ‘conflicts of interest’ when it comes to the ethics of councilors last night (FF: 7:40).

In their disdain for Councilor Staggers (at one point, Rolfing told councilor Staggers to go sit down who was presenting his resolution from the podium, let’s talk about decorum Rex, that was a real classy move) in reference to Kermit’s resolution to allow councilors to be committee members in their respective parties.

Rex seemed angry when reading his statement, which he should be, but it was entirely misdirected towards Kermit’s resolution. I joked not to long ago, Erpenbach and Rolfing would vote against a promoting World Peace resolution if it was Kermit’s resolution.

Rolfing was angry about conflicts, but not once mentioned the obvious and blatant conflict Dean Karsky has with the Chamber of Commerce, which does do business with the city, unlike the party committees. He also didn’t even bring up the mayor representing Obama as a Democratic Party delegate. That apparently wasn’t on the radar. Nope, because Karsky and Huether are not Staggers, and let’s admit it, that’s all their NO votes against the resolution by Erpenbach and Rolfing were about (they were the only two to vote against it, because you know, the rest of the councilors used common sense instead of angst while voting).

To be honest with you, they looked like fools singling out Staggers and Erickson last night, when every single one of the councilors and mayor have numerous conflicts of interest that are more detrimental to governance in this city then going to a convention for your party every couple of years.

Some people on the council need to grow up, or at least grow a brain.

2 Thoughts on “Councilors Erpenbach & Rolfing riding the pine today

  1. Speaking of conflicts of interest, erp is prolly the biggest abuser on this topic. She was elected to serve the interests of those struggling to make ends meet in the central district. Yet she time, and time again, votes in the best interests of those who contributed to the thousands she got in campaign money. Unless of course people like dana dykhouse, the kirby clan, lloyd, van buskirks, and any manner of other TIF abusers live in the central district.

  2. She is so blinded by her disdain for Kermit, she doesn’t see any of her own conflicts. The irony is that Kermit and maybe Kenny probably have the least conflicts, if any, of all the councilors. Anytime something has come up with USF on the agenda, Kermit excuses himself, and makes sure it is in the record.

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