Sodapop welcomes Heath Hoftiezer the Sioux Falls Principal Traffic Engineer back to our Sioux Falls City Council to talk about Flashing After hours, signals that is.

We learn how drunks don’t like to be signal safe at night when the yellows are flashing. The new Sioux Falls policy to let the traffic intersection signal lights flash appears to allow drunks with minimal brain power left to run the yellow intersections without concern.

It is interesting also how they allow high rates of speed the 29 blocks of South Minnesota Ave without check. Who is in such a hurry during the night? Somebody leaving a stop and rob?

Sorry, no commentary in this video, the message is too important.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “Flashing Traffic Lights in Sioux Falls, is the jury out?”
  1. Yellow lites, flashing or not, in this town mean absolutely nothing. In fact, yellow means accelerate to avoid the dreaded red. I see this happen everyday as do all of you. Speed limits also mean nothing. You bring up speed along 29 blocks of Minnesota Ave. This is not just a problem after 11 PM. It is a problem 24 hours a day, not just on Minnesota, but all major arterial streets.

    My first ever venture into commentary on blogs was about just this. Yellow lites. How they are manipulated to pad coffers (think red lite camera), and the ever increasing need for speed, so our city fathers can brag about the short amount of time it takes to get from 85th and Minnesota to any number of DT beer fests.

    Think I’m exaggerating? Resolve, for just a short time, as I know we’re all in a damn big hurry, to drive the posted speed limit on our major arterial streets. Then discover for yourself, as I have, that driving the posted speed limit makes YOU the hazard to traffic flow.

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