The continuing saga of Quit Claim Deeds and legal Occupancy Permits highlight our coverage of Sioux Falls City Council Public Input are a great way to start a new year.

Dan Daily actually thanks the Mayor for sending proof the city is operating the T Denny Sanford Events Center illegally after the last Shut-up and Listen session.

He points out two things,

1. The Spellerberg Quit Claim Deed has holes in it requiring it to be settled properly before work is done.

2.The other item adds a twist to the EC. The city may have issued themselves one temporary occupancy permit but was filed wrong making it null and void.

READ Dan’s testimony here: (Doc: QCD-OP )

What a city!

3 Thoughts on “SF City Council Public Input 1/6/15

  1. Dan Daily on January 8, 2015 at 9:23 am said:

    I was nice. Sometimes government works. If the city learns to serve instead of persecute they’ll get some respect. A kinder citizen friendly city government can happen. Probably not in my lifetime.

  2. This email was sent to Dan Daily from Ron Bell from the building permit department:

    Subject: Denny Sanford Premier Center Occupancy

    Mr. Daily: The following attempts to explain the issue that was recently raised at the City Council meeting concerning the status of the occupancy of the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

    Section 111.3 of the Building Code permits the building official to issue a temporary certificate of occupancy for all or a portion of a building prior to the completion of all work. Such certification is issued only when the building or portion in question can be safely occupied prior to full completion. The certification is intended to acknowledge that some building features may not be completed even though the building is safe for occupancy, or that a portion of the building can be safely occupied while work continues in another area. The policy for temporary occupancy requires the completion of all required fire resistive elements of the building, the testing of the required smoke removal systems, completion of the fire suppression and fire alarm systems, that the means of egress systems are completed, and that the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and health standards are substantially completed without any hazards left to complete that would jeopardize public or employee safety.

    Temporary certificates are issued only when incidental construction remains, such as site work, interior work that is not regulated by the code and any minor construction elements left to complete.

    Attached is the “Temporary Certificate of Occupancy” issued on August 1st, 2014 for the Event Center which at the time deemed that the building was substantially complete and safe for public occupancy. At that time, final inspections were completed from the building, plumbing and mechanical divisions of Building Services, and the Health Department. In August the electrical division of Building Services required the verification of listings on certain types of equipment, and the completion of the wiring systems serving the parking lot lighting. A final electrical inspection has since occurred.

    To date The Fire Prevention Division and the Zoning division has yet to sign off for final inspections. The land use standards of the Zoning ordinance includes final landscaping, trees and parking lot inspections, which are intended to be verified this spring. The Fire Prevention Division has yet to sign off primarily because of operational issues that have yet to be resolved which includes administrative correspondence from the design engineer certifying the modifications to the smoke control’s system functions, and the completion of final operational event plans from SMG, the operators of the event center.

    Temporary Certificates of Occupancy are issued for the vast majority of larger building projects.

  3. Dan Daily on January 9, 2015 at 10:10 am said:

    It was a lengthy response. I suspect:

    The wrong party got stuck with signing off on this.
    Those who should approve the final project are hiding.
    There’s irregular steps toward finalizing construction.

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