Minnehaha County Election Review Commission Recommendations

Here is the abbreviated 3 pages of recommendations; (DOC: MCERC)

It seems the root of many of the problems are the communications between the Secretary of State office and the counties.

We won’t miss you Jason.


#1 Lewis on 03.06.15 at 6:58 pm

Remember folks, the above document is a ‘draft’ copy of the recommendations and won’t all make the final cut.

I also got to put my two-cents in on musical precincts and the inept SOS office ran by Pitty Patt and Jason Gant.


#2 Dan Daily on 03.06.15 at 8:27 pm

KDLT-5 is doing a spot about this at 10pm. They’re paying attention for local news. Proud of them. They should capture most of future election ads. Goodbye KELO Land (where ever that is).

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