UPDATE: Sioux Falls & Brandon City Council holds first ‘informal’ meeting

UPDATE: Not sure if you noticed, but this meeting was only announced about 24 hours before it happened on the agenda page. That’s it, no press releases on the main page, no special announcements or even a camera man to film the event. And guess what else, while most of the SF & Brandon city council, including the Brandon Mayor were able to attend, our Mayor did not. In fact due to the lack of publicity, only one citizen showed up, and not only did he film it for me, he got invited to join the group for discussion. Let’s just say it is probably a good thing Mike didn’t show, several Brandon officials didn’t have many glowing things to say about him.

I’m told the meeting is NOT at Carnegie or being recorded because this is an ‘informal get to know each other’ meeting.

I’ll bring the snacks and handycam, who is bringing the beer?



#1 rufusx on 03.04.15 at 9:58 pm

Good – One of the things recommended by the Local Government stakeholders’ group of the Sioux Falls Tomorrow process (pooh poohed by this blog) was increased collaboration between local governmental entities. Oh, oh – looks like that group has some pretty real ACTUAL influence on the future of the metro area. BTW – the door was and still is open to anyone who wants to participate in shaping the future of the community (vs. just bit****g about it.).

#2 Dan Daily on 03.05.15 at 12:38 pm

They’ll email each other privately like Hilary so there’s no record. Then this not so public meeting will be entirely illegal.

#3 Enough of shape places and mmm legacy on 03.05.15 at 12:50 pm

Let’s bring on the pipelines and the hell with solar or wind. Doesn’t make any sense at all why the city wants to choose oil over new energy sources. Makes them sound like nimbys. What a bunch of chuckleheads we have at city hall. I hope Lincoln and Minnehaha elected officials get real with the world too

#4 l3wis on 03.06.15 at 6:23 pm

FYI, Karsky and Erickson were the other two absent from the meeting.