Why is the city spending my ‘tax dollars’ on a ‘help wanted’ website and marketing campaign?


Ego Much? Images: Argus Leader Media

When I first heard about this site and campaign yesterday, I thought it was some kind of April Fool’s joke.

The city council recently allocated $500K for workforce development, which I support, but I was under the impression this was to help businesses recruit workers, not hold people’s hands on how to find a job.

There are numerous private help wanted job sites in Sioux Falls. If you are looking for a job, you have multiple options. With the low unemployment, it is becoming harder for businesses to find qualified people. I have often felt that the solution is that employers in Sioux Falls need to start paying blue collar workers a living wage.

As for the city getting involved in ‘want ads’ maybe they could also include rummage and car sales on the site also, to diversify it 🙂

This is just a PR move by the mayor, who is considering running for governor.


#1 My Mistake Mike on 04.02.15 at 4:19 pm

Hmm … great opportunities, like this one:

Nanny Needed For 3 Children In Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

We need a nanny for our 3 children in Sioux Falls. And we’re looking now!
Care.com – 13 hours ago – save job

#2 LJL on 04.02.15 at 8:22 pm

Yes, this is socialism at it’s finest. Government competing with private interest.

I’m glad your on board with rooting out this BS. I’m sure you’ll feel the same when it comes to single payer health care right?

#3 Socialism? on 04.02.15 at 10:07 pm

LJL what part of opportunism by a government official is socialism?

#4 Jeff Barth on 04.02.15 at 11:11 pm

Perhaps the city could have a higher minimum wage. Or give 1000 low wage workers $500 each.

#5 Who is John Galt on 04.02.15 at 11:47 pm

Can anyone guess why the Mayor is not including any TV, Radio or Newspaper advertising with his campaign?

#6 Poly43 on 04.03.15 at 7:09 am

Hmmm. mmm’s mug on billboards….again. All I have to say is, What an ego. First off, was there anything broken about the dozens of other very similar web based services?

The irony of this ego inflated billboard? The surrounding landscape behind mmm looks like it was taken from raven industries. Ya know. The place that laid off 115 people last month. Everyone prolly knows someone who knows someone that was a part of these cuts. Ask them, a month into looking for work, what they think of Sioux Falls has jobs. Sure, they can prolly go to work in a cubicle, nights and weekends of course, and field calls from pissed off clients who have just been scammed by a fee harvesting credit card operation like first premier bankcard. In this day and age of really tight money on all fronts, jobs like the ones mmm has his mug in front of exist for one reason. They are 95% of the time dead end jobs that are turned over every two months.

#7 l3wis on 04.03.15 at 9:22 am

I wonder if the city also paid for MMM’s hair-dye job or if that was included in EP’s $35,000 website fee in Photoshopping?

#8 hornguy on 04.03.15 at 1:13 pm

“There are numerous private help wanted job sites in Sioux Falls. If you are looking for a job, you have multiple options.”

This website is just a template for jobs listed in the area on Indeed. It also doesn’t appear to accept direct listings. So it’s not competition for privately-owned websites; it’s merely appropriating content from a privately-owned website under a different skin.

Further, absent evidence that this money is coming from a workforce development budget, you’re conflating two separate issues. I’m guessing they’ll hang one or two of these in the airport, slap up a few billboards on 29 or 90, and maybe do some outreach and marketing into nearby states. The same things all kinds of cities and states do to position themselves economically.


#9 Dan Daily on 04.03.15 at 1:18 pm

How do use public money for campaign advertising? You pick a topic but have your profile and name more prominent than the subject. Disgusting and potentially criminal. Tells me Mike is having trouble coming up with campaign contributions. Goodbye Mike. Find another state and try to establish yourself as a weasel there.

#10 l3wis on 04.03.15 at 1:26 pm

HG, yeah, I guess I don’t see an issue with SF promoting itself this way, what I do see a problem with is that the legislative body, the city council, who approved the $500K appropriation were not let in on the campaign. They ALL learned about it at the press conference. I also don’t think the Mayor needs to be on the billboards. First off, working in advertising there are certain rules you follow, the KISS theory (Keep it simple stupid) The ‘Z’ read (everyone reads Left to right then diagonal to left bottom then to right) And lots of white space. There was no need for Mike’s face on these billboards for filler.

#11 Dan Daily on 04.03.15 at 1:50 pm

Mr. Barth has an interesting idea. Instead of advertising, give workers a $500 public bonus if they stay on a job 6 weeks. Most on welfare work a week and quit because welfare is a better living. Nobody gets trained into a job. After 6 weeks there could be a raise once they prove themselves. More workers will stay.

#12 Joan on 04.03.15 at 4:54 pm

Why would they want to bring more employees to SF for minimum wage jobs, which is what the majority of the Sioux Falls jobs are? This plus the fact that there is very little decent low income housing available in SF for all of these minimum wage employees that they are hoping will move into Sioux Falls. Actually the bottom picture of the billboard, it actually looks like his “honor” has hair that is taller on the top. All in all he is a very vain man.

#13 Poly43 on 04.03.15 at 5:37 pm

it’s merely appropriating content from a privately-owned website under a different skin.

So just how many different skins do we need to push dead end jobs with mmm’s mug on billboards? Face it. This guy bypassed the council to serve one person and person only. The most honorable mayor himself….mmm.

AND …..most importantly, at what cost to the taxpayer?

Snore???? You wish.

#14 LJL on 04.03.15 at 9:04 pm

Well…to answer you, government competing with the open market is socialism.
“A socialist economy is based on the principle of production for use, to directly satisfy economic demand and human needs, and objects are valued by their use-value, as opposed to the principle of production for profit and accumulation of capital.”

Yes I know the mayors ego is the subject of this thread but when is it not. The mayor using the power of the government to compete with the electorate is far more troubling to me.

#15 scott on 04.03.15 at 9:37 pm

I’d guess that most folks flying into Sioux Falls probably have a job that pays much more than what MMM is offering on his website.

#16 Eyes Wide Opem on 04.03.15 at 11:13 pm

Are we not just conveniently marketing a certain face for a possible upcoming political election? And it is cleverly being marketed on the taxpayer’s dime!!!

#17 Poly43 on 04.04.15 at 11:16 am

Not certain where the billboards are placed, but my guess not anywhere close to where people who really need these types of jobs will see them. They prolly should be placed by each of our city’s Goodwill outlets. A good point was made about where kiosks are located. The airport? The denny? The median income earner in this town will need to turn over a weeks take home pay to see an event, and an hours take home pay for every tap beer they consume. So, who is really going to be there that this kiosk can attract? Is it a job seeker or a potential voter? No brainer in my opinion. Add to that initial cost $3500 a month to maintain a paid political ad for mmm’s gubnatorial bid, and you have a reason for the taxpayer to be pissed.

Also, a couple days ago I recieved an email from Zachary Nistler inviting me attend a Democratic fundraiser for George McGovern Day. Was impressed with the lineup of speakers, especially Debbie Wasserman Schultz (huge fan), but when I seen mmm’s name as a speaker, I immediately trash canned the email. If the Democratic Party is seriously considering hitching their wagon to this DINO, then that party has a very serious problem. Will consider changing my party affiliation from (D) to (I) if that is the direction the D’s choose.

#18 Winston on 04.04.15 at 10:30 pm

Why is this a governmental issue? Whether it be Daugaard hanging-out at a kiosk in the Mall of America, next to the lotion girl, or Mayor Huether on a billboard, why is this a governmental issue?

I understand the collateral impact when jobs are not filled, thus causing reduced productivity and a potential loss of tax revenues for the city and/or state.

However, a lot of things are collateral to governmental concerns. It seems to me this a wage issue not a jobs issue. Political leaders in this state should be challenging the business community to solve this problem through more competitive wages, which would actually mean greater potential tax revenues down the road for all governments; then to be an enabler to the low wage mentality which unfortunately permeates cross many sectors of our business community in this state.

Until our political leadership can proclaim “South Dakota has Real Wages,” it will never successfully beable to proclaim it “Has Jobs.”

#19 l3wis on 04.05.15 at 9:44 am

I agree 100% Winston. But that would take courage and REAL populist leadership. I was talking to a local political attorney yesterday about city and school business. He said it best when he proclaimed that city government needs to do more propping up small business owners in this community instead continually squandering our tax dollars on the big guys (who ultimately screw the average wage earners in town).

#20 Winston on 04.05.15 at 10:07 pm

Lewis, you are absolutely right. Our politicians are always talking about promoting small business, but they spend most of their time protecting big business or the “big” of the small.

It is going to take a self-funded populist to change South Dakota politics. I hope he or she rides into town in our lifetime.

#21 Poly43 on 04.08.15 at 4:35 pm

EVERY time I think mmm’s press secretary cannot possibly become any more of a tool than he already is, he manages to come up with something even more silly than what he wrote previously about his boss. WHAT A TOOL.