Sioux Falls Text Ban group proposing total ban on cell phones in Sioux Falls while driving

This proposal is from SAFER STREETS FOR SIOUX FALLS;
Updated Synopsis

Here is the information that has been sent to the individuals, corporations and institutions that have expressed an interest in supporting SSFSF.  This is a new effort to improve public safety while driving in Sioux Falls.   SSFSF is a group of individuals, institutions and organizations in Sioux Falls formed to present a proposed ordinance to the City that would prohibit the use of any hand held portable electronic device while driving in Sioux Falls.  This would be a Sioux Falls ordinance and not have any application outside of the City.  It would prohibit, while driving, all forms of electronic communication while holding any electronic device.  That includes surfing the Internet with a smart phone, texting both sending and receiving, cell phone conversations, game playing, etc.  Austin and San Antonio, TX are the two most recent cities to ban hand held electronic devices while driving.

The use of hands free electronic devices to make and receive telephone or audio transmissions is permitted.  GPS devices are allowed if affixed to the vehicle.  Calls to emergency personnel are permitted.  All other uses of hand held electronic devices would only be permitted if you park your vehicle.  Emergency and medical personnel are exempt if they are acting in an official capacity.
I’m against this for a number of reasons, first the obvious. Educating drivers on how to be better drivers goes a heckuva a lot farther then any laws.
Secondly, it would be a nightmare for the SFPD to enforce. And thirdly, like the unneeded texting ban, there are already laws in place for reckless and careless driving. If you are distracted while driving (talking on phone, playing with the radio, arguing with others in the car, or even spilling hot coffee on yourself) and cause an accident, you can be charged. A total cell phone ban is unfair to those who can handle driving while talking on a phone.
Like I said above, I am all for EDUCATION. I would even be willing to have the city council authorize spending $100,000K on it. But a ban on cell phone use in cars, good luck with that.
I also believe this would truly set the city up for a battle with the state legislature, the Attorney General and the Courts.
I suggest to the group, if they want the ban, to have a petition drive and get it on the ballot. This is too complicated of an issue to let 8 people and a mayor decide. I think it would also be something that would be very difficult to pass on the council.



#1 l3wis on 05.15.15 at 5:32 pm

And I would sign the petition, but I wouldn’t vote for it.

#2 Ol'Bubbleguts on 05.15.15 at 7:42 pm

Amateur Radio operators would beat this rap like a
red-headed stepchild most certainly.They didn’t get a license to do it for nothing.
What about business radio users,…or CB radio,radio dispatched taxicabs much the same.

In Art and Labor,..and 800 watts ERP

#3 Titleist on 05.15.15 at 11:09 pm

Pass the texting ban!
Follow the evidence.

#4 Bill on 05.15.15 at 11:18 pm

We do not need more laws/regulations. Go save the whales or the rainforest or something. Enough nanny state BS already!

#5 The Daily Spin on 05.17.15 at 11:50 am

Just another subject change so the mayor doesn’t have to address foolish spending, debt, and present court cases litigation. We caught him using budget for self promotion political advertising billboards (jobs). Whenever the mayor is involved, there’s an ulterior motive that gets him attention and improves his financial situation.

Personally, let them use their phones. When the hit me in traffic, the first thing I’ll do is subpoena their phone records. Hands free, prove it. Not using your Nav system, prove it.

#6 The Daily Spin on 05.17.15 at 12:13 pm

When the mayor speaks it’s for self promotion or an unprofitable indoor thing of some kind. Otherwise, it’s a smoke screen or diversion to hide how he’s used Home Rule charter to benefit but a few, create half a billion in city debt, infringe constitutional civil liberty, and put the city in court with overwhelming litigation and compensation for years to come.

#7 Cell Phone Ban supporters missed the train, move on already — South DaCola on 10.26.15 at 6:21 pm

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