Are there other parks with ‘problems’ in Sioux Falls?

A South DaCola foot soldier recently told me that there have been problems with homelessness and vandalism at and near another park in town. I guess the neighborhood kids have been having a little fun wreaking havoc on Veteran’s Park including vandalism to the restrooms and damaging the trees (climbing them and breaking limbs) and nearby the Russell Avenue bridge over the river is a popular ‘camp site’ for the homeless.

Not sure if any of this is true, or partially true, but it seems these days our parks in Sioux Falls are becoming play grounds for mischief and crime.


#1 The Daily Spin on 07.11.15 at 3:51 pm

Homeless in city parks wasn’t a problem before Huether. He’s spent public money on upper class entertainment ignoring social fallout. It’s cruel that we have parks not safe for children and pools they can’t afford. We need regular patrols in the parks. The city has no social programs so get the homeless and substance abusers to the county. They manage but will need a bigger tax partition in future years.

#2 Bill on 07.12.15 at 8:55 am

Spinner – I see officers in the parks regularly, but there are alot of parks in SF.

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