Street Talk w/Theresa Stehly – Boulevards


#1 The Daily Spin on 07.27.15 at 11:27 am

Theresa affords a mother nature type beauty to these exhibits. What seems obvious is the city regularly violates it’s own ordinances for curb plantings. This video is evidence for citizens seeking variances. I like the curb side rock planters around trees. Restricts snow plow berms from overpowering sidewalks. Also, a good barrier to keep the police MRAP from tearing up your yard.

#2 anonymous on 07.27.15 at 3:24 pm

I don’t object to things planted in boulevards, unless they create safety issues for drivers and pedestrians.

There needs to be a height requirement.

#3 l3wis on 07.27.15 at 3:34 pm

Yeah, tell that to the city and the Jungle they have growing on 8th street in front of the library.

#4 anonymous on 07.27.15 at 3:48 pm

The city’s boulevard south of the library at 8th and Dakota is definitely a problem. (it’s shown in the video)

A driver should never have to pull out into the intersection in order to be able to safely proceed. This is what is happening at this intersection.

And, this is exactly why there needs to be a height requirement.

#5 THC on 07.27.15 at 4:24 pm

What about rocks going into streets? Or mulch? And then into the sewer system? What about run off from dirt-ridden “gardens”? What about weeds? Height? Overgrowth into the street or on the sidewalk?

#6 The Daily Spin on 07.27.15 at 6:36 pm

When city foliage causes an accident, sue them. Except city ordinance prevents circuit court action. Not allowing appeals is unconstitutional. SD Supreme Court ordered amendment. The city attorney changed some language but same content. Here’s foolish; the city buys expensive liability insurance when they’re exempt from lawsuits.

#7 Southdadumbass on 07.28.15 at 5:27 am

The city doesn’t own a MRAP.

#8 l3wis on 07.28.15 at 8:47 am

Nope, but they do share a similar vehicle called the ‘Bearcat’ that they use regularly to tear up people’s lawns.

#9 l3wis on 07.28.15 at 8:48 am,83007

#10 The Daily Spin on 07.28.15 at 10:09 am

Ok, bearcat. Similar type military assault vehicle. Maybe necessary in Baltimore or LA but not here. Next mayor should auction it off. A farmer will buy it and bury it. Perfect as a tornado shelter.

#11 anonymous on 07.28.15 at 10:44 am

I retract my statement from yesterday regarding the City’s boulevard at 8th and Dakota located south of the library and shown in the video.

I used that intersection this morning and the boulevard has an ample set-back and does NOT obstruct the view of traffic in any way.

I continue to believe the Council needs to vote for and the City needs to enforce a height requirement.

A driver should never have to pull out into the intersection in order to be able to safely proceed due to signs, plantings of all kinds, etc…

Drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety needs to take priority over anything placed in the boulevards.

#12 James Willhelmsen on 07.28.15 at 1:26 pm

I have some really nice boulevard gardens at a couple of my Sioux Falls properties. I hire homeless folks at far less than minimum wage to take care of them.

#13 l3wis on 07.28.15 at 1:49 pm

What do you pay them to wipe the bullshit away from your mouth after you open it?

#14 James Willhelmsen on 07.28.15 at 2:05 pm

You’re just mad because you have no $. Maybe a payday loan center could help you out.

#15 l3wis on 07.28.15 at 2:20 pm

Oh, James, I got over that years ago, just like people who use fake names as monikers on my site.

#16 SF Resident on 07.29.15 at 10:25 am

Often times, as I watch our City Council vote on different issues I think many of them have really NOT done their homework.

Last night, I was reminded perhaps they do a lot more behind the scenes to understand local issues than they are given credit for.

I say this because as I was traveling through my neighborhood, I came across Councilor Greg Jamison with his yardstick in hand (YES, it’s true!) measuring the height of a citizen’s flowers on the boulevard.

He is trying to understand both sides of the discussion regarding whether there needs to be a height requirement as part of an upcoming ordinance he and the other seven councilors will be asked to vote on.

Thank you Councilor.

#17 Detroit Lewis on 07.29.15 at 11:12 am

Also to his credit Greg, his wife and Theresa went out last night surveying boulevards and the differences in neighborhoods.

#18 The Daily Spin on 07.29.15 at 12:19 pm

I reviewed city ordinances. I’m wrong. They’re back to rigged city hearings with their choice of examiner. It’s lots of legalese but the same situation as for when I took them to State Supreme Court in 2008. If you chose to challenge them, they reserve the right to use the courts. You are denied access unless you sue them constitutionally. It’s much cheaper if they forego the rigged hearing and route into state court. That would be common sense that the city is not known for. There’s lots of case history now. If you have a civil rights issue versus the city, I encourage you engage them. There are law firms who will take your case Pro Bono and there’s potential for a class action. I miss democracy and regret I served in the military representing it.