Is Walmart a Public Nuisance? An Indiana city thinks so.

While our Mayor, City Attorney’s office and Planning department seem to bend the rules for Walmart to move into a well established middle-class neighborhood in Sioux Falls, other city administrations are realizing how much of a pain in the ass they are to the community (not counting the millions each year they bilk from Federal taxpayers for welfare and Medicade benefits to their underpaid employees).

BEECH GROVE, Ind. — A mayor in Indiana reached his wit’s end last week after another publicized scuffle at a local Wal-Mart.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Beech Grove, Ind., mayor Dennis Buckley declared the business a public nuisance after a string of incidents, the latest of which involved a shoplifting suspect wave his gun at store employees before shooting himself in the head. The suspect, 42-year-old Gillace Monroe Samples, died over the weekend from his wounds.

As a “public nuisance,” the Wal-Mart can now be assessed a fine whenever police are called there, the Star reports. The mayor said it was a necessary resolution.

“We’re better than that, our community is better than that and I don’t want to get a phone call every day saying that somebody pulled a gun at Wal-Mart and has done something out of line,” Buckley said.

As one of my friends said to me when they used to be on SNAP, “You should go to Walmart at Midnight when they re-load the cards, it’s 10x worse then black Friday.”



#1 Teatime on 08.20.15 at 11:22 pm

Can you get this in the argus leader? It is from their sister publication USA Today.

#2 rufusx on 08.21.15 at 7:42 pm

“a well established middle-class neighborhood”

This is what you call a corn field????

#3 South sider on 08.21.15 at 9:39 pm

Maybe that Walmart should close its doors in that town I’m sure that would be real good for the community of 15,000 people in sure they could stand to lose the jobs and a place to shop. Let’s blame Walmart for people doing dumb stuff on there property I’m sure they love it, just like guns shoot people. How about we blame the people and not a store.

#4 South sider on 08.22.15 at 7:44 am

Rufusx – my thoughts exactly there are no houses directly across from the Walmart on any side and only one that is kitty corner to it, so when they say there will be a Walmart in there back yard they are over exaggerating.

#5 Enough of shape places and mmm legacy on 08.22.15 at 8:51 am

Hey south sider. I bet if Walmart closed can you imagine the reinvigorated small businesses and even minority business that would come back and offer less Chinese crap Even the grocery stores would at least provide a selection based upon what customers want and not the pocket book of the spoiled bentonville brats

#6 South sider on 08.23.15 at 7:38 pm

If the small business’s even came back at all. How many jobs would be lost, how many more people on welfare, how many people would have to move away from the community to find work. For every action there is an opposite but equal reaction and not always for the best. Everyone hates Walmart but without them here Hy-vee has a monopoly on groceries in this town, I’m not a fan of Walmart but apparently they have a place in society if not they wouldn’t exist.