Open Letter to the Mayor from Prominent Democrats in the State

Don’t ask me how I get these things sent to me, but there is a lot of ‘leakers’ in the state party that have big mouths, how else do you think I got the name of the new ED of the party a day before her ‘big announcement’?

The rumor swirling for several weeks is that the state Dems are fed up with the mayor calling himself a Democrat, when he truly isn’t one. Here are some excerpts from the letter (yet to be sent to Hizzoner);

“Trust us, this isn’t easy to tell you this, but when you recruit Republicans to run for city council and convince the former ED to raise money for them, when you garner most of your campaign donations from Republicans, when you ignore the rising crime rates, when you turn your back on the poor and the handicapped, and when you blatantly ignore the social ills going on in your city and state, you sir, are not a Democrat. Heck, I don’t think you are even a Republican, more of a corporatist that is more concerned about the decisions you make hurting or helping the wallets of your (Republican) friends and your own investments.

Either start acting like a Democrat (in actions, not just in words) or get the Hell out of our state party.”

The letter continues from there basically stating that South DaCola made this whole thing up, but hey, is it that far-fetched? I told several prominent state Dems already they need to apply the Lora Hubbel rule to Hizzoner and give him the boot. While I’m sure there has been some serious consideration, like most things the Dems do in this state (besides initiatives) they have a little trouble pulling the trigger. Maybe if we gave them a 5 foot branch in a grove of trees they could pull it off?


#1 scott on 08.06.15 at 2:52 pm

perhaps this is a ploy on the dems part to get republican support for mmm. what better way to garner votes than to have the people think his own party hates him.

#2 Sheeple on 08.06.15 at 4:00 pm

huether puts his own self interest first.

Problems like the siding on the event center are the result of him speeding the process through to ensure he could say he was the one who got it done.

He will claim he is working to help the handicap in one breath, and cut the paratransit budget in the next.

So I’m guessing he invokes God’s name so much for one of two reasons (or both). He’s either trying to convince voters he’s not as self-motivated and greedy as he really is, or he’s trying to clear his own conscious.

Either way, I wish he’d get overusing the fake tear routine, no one’s buying it anymore.

#3 The D@ily Spin on 08.06.15 at 9:45 pm

Mr. Huether, I knew George McGovern. He was a friend of mine. You sir, are no George or JFK and you’re certainly not a democrat.

#4 Gayle on 08.07.15 at 10:59 am

Tell me this is true!!!! MMM is not indicative of the Dems that I know. I certainly would like to see the Dems in this state and nationally get a backbone and start refuting and standing up to the fascism of the Republicans. We need to get moving to have a presence in SD, maybe now there is some one to head up the party? The last time I volunteered for a campaign was for McGovern. Now that I have a bit more time, I am volunteering for Sanders, who is a lot like McGovern in my eyes. I might even get involved in a little state campaigning for a Dem. MMM needs to go.

#5 Sanford Falls on 08.08.15 at 11:23 am

Former ED of SDDP that fundraised for Huether’s Republican friends for city council? If so, who?

#6 The D@ily Spin on 08.08.15 at 11:50 am

Gayle, I like Sanders too. Met him when I worked on a state of VT EMS comm system. More impressionable in person.

#7 Gayle on 08.09.15 at 6:44 pm

The D@ily Spin: Do you know of any house parties or anyone working on his campaign? I was at the Bernie Event on July 29th, but can not get any answers from the organizer.