I am a little disturbed how this ‘non-justice’ is playing out, with our extremely wealthy Dr. Curd;

On July 31, 2015, at approximately 6:59 a.m., the Sioux Falls Police Department responded to the 1300 block of South Elmwood Avenue after Metro Communications received calls of a woman that had been attacked by a dog. As an officer responded to the scene, he encountered two dogs that were running loose in the area. After the officer exited his vehicle, one of the dogs, a Tibetan Mastiff, approached the officer and bit him in the right thigh. The officer attempted to free himself from the dog and after he was successful, he fired two rounds at the dog as it approached him again. The officer was taken to Avera McKennan and was treated for a minor injury to the thigh.

Both dogs were later located by Animal Control and taken into custody. The dogs were found to be current on vaccinations. The woman that had been attacked leading to the response from the Police Department had multiple injuries to her right arm and legs and was transported to Sanford Hospital by ambulance for treatment.

First off, the dog that attacked her and the officer (they believe it was just the male) should be euthanized, not returned to the Curds or put up for adoption, the Curds have stated that the dogs WILL NOT be returning to their home. The second dog should also not be returned, and maybe put up for adoption to a responsible dog owner.

This same incident happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. The neighbors had a dog that the city told them should be either caged or on a chain even if he was secured by a privacy fence because of his aggressive nature (The Curds said the dogs were fenced in, but escaped somehow). The neighbors ignored the warnings, the dog chewed through and knocked down the privacy fence and attacked my friends son (who I believe was 9 at the time) the dog had him pinned down and bit him in multiple places on his arm. Animal control later told her that if her son would not have been punching the dog in the face to get him to stop, he might have killed her son. Scary stuff. When animal control took the dog, they immediately euthanized it. No questions asked, standard operating procedure. They promptly told my friend that the dog would not be hurting anyone anymore.

So it puzzles me that #1, the Curds dog still hasn’t been put down (maybe it has by now), and #2 why he isn’t facing charges for allowing his dogs to run free or get out to begin with? Is there a different kind of justice for ‘the haves’ when they have unruly pets?

No doubt there will be a lawsuit filed against them. My friend told me her son had to go through several months of counseling because of the trauma, and had nightmares for weeks. He’s good now, and likes dogs again, but he was just a little boy, I can’t imagine what the lady and the brave officer are going through. Adults are harder to counsel then children on these matters.

I was also puzzled why it took several days to say who the owners of the dogs were. Something doesn’t smell right with the way this incident is being handled. What I don’t understand is why people have large, aggressive, high energy dogs in town. If you know anything about large dogs, unless they are exercised regularly, they get anxious, they want to run, and they want to cause mischief.

By l3wis

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  1. You are right, the initial silence on who the owner(s) was (were) is very disconcerting.

    It is like when it was reported recently that a former Billion employee was opposed to Billion’s expansion on 41st St, then we found out a few days later that the former employee was actually a Billion family member.

    Or the medias willingness to allow the GOP establishment to carry the narrative of the entire EB-5 story. Never once did the media make a serious inquiry into the motive of the 800 pound gorilla of that story, who was the former head of the federal EB-5 program, who wrote the rules, was called by the national press as the “Czar” of the EB-5 program, (as a side note – he was curiously named and investigated as a part of the 9/11 inquiry and Report), and then he came to South Dakota to work for the SDRC after he had authorized liberal multipliers (involving the $ 500,000 rule relative to jobs creation) for many of the EB-5 regional centers in South Dakota.

    The media in South Dakota needs to do more than report. They need to start investigating too. The media has a fourth estate duty…. they need to use it!

  2. Makes a difference if you live in Riverview Heights,

    vs. say, Riverside or Riverdale (all neighborhoods in SF BTW)!!

  3. I imagine everyone agrees this was a sad and scary situation. Let me play devils advocate for a moment and say: I’m sure the Curds feel horribly about this. Not just that they will lose their pets, but obviously why they are losing them. There’s probably a lot going on that we don’t know about yet. They and the bite victim are both entitled to some sort of privacy, at least in regards to her medical privacy, and both parties legal privacy (meaning this just happened).

  4. afro, I would agree with a 100% of everything you said. I’m sure the Curds feel horrible, I’m mean the guy goes to work everyday to help people. They said it themselves, the dogs will not be returning to the residences. My question is why the delay in putting the dog down? He not only attacked one person, but two. I’m not sure why the authorities think that somehow saving this dog is good for either party involved. It only adds to the trauma the officer and lady had to endure knowing their attacker hasn’t been dealt with. Things happen, my dog got out a couple of times, I was neurotic in finding him (not that he would attack anyone) but it was irresponsible on my part and I felt bad. Like I said, I just question some of the procedures the authorities have taken, and would like an explanation.

  5. I need this type of dog for when the Mormons or code enforcer come around. If you’re a Curd, protection from the Republican Guard (Sadam type but also RNC).

  6. i wonder if the cop who shot at the dog was the cop who shot and missed in tuthill park?

  7. In the spirit of that exchange, let s note that Commissioner Hanson appears to be much more open to talking about the practical impacts of fossil-fuel use on climate change than many of his noisier Republican colleagues.

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