While searching for information on Events Center contracts this jewel from the past arose. We have the Mayor and city attorney David Fiddle Faddle stretching until it hurt the logic of what was legal for the administration could do during the Events Center election process.

The Council has another Construction Manager at Risk 105 page contract to be voted on October 19, 2015 without having time to read it. You know what in it? Complete control of all information by mayor.

Remember the Events Center election was a special election with no legal basis. It was a popularity poll. The city attorney dug deep and found a way to let the administration hold advocational education programs.

A 1988 South Dakota Attorney General’s opinion was cut and pasted to make it look like it was a Supreme Court opinion. This Attorney General’s opinion was meant to be advisory, not law. (DOC: Official Opinion No. 88-28 Expenditure of Public Funds on Election Issues )

So in 2014 city election cycle the city of Sioux Falls decided to hold advocational education programs to prevent the League of Women Voters and other busy body organizations from messing up their plans. We were forced to follow the city’s schedule and formats. No discussions were allowed. It was a stacked deck against the citizens and the right to a fair election.

Wasn’t it bad enough the city overpaid project participants so they could make financial contributions to the city’s campaigns? They also had to use our tax dollars to campaign against us.

One Thought on “Is it legal to have Advocational Education, 2011-09-12

  1. The D@ily Spin on October 19, 2015 at 12:04 pm said:

    Isn’t it obvious that it’s time to return government to the people? Their interpretation of strong mayor is a separate corporation that spends public money for their pet projects. Checks and balances got lost in translation and there’s no control of spending or policy. The mayor and city attorney’s disrespect for democracy is conspiracy if not treason

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