Mayor Mike Huether’s ‘Shut Up & Listen’ session, Oct 21, 2015

Wow. That is all I can say after watching this episode. It was truly the best episode of this program. Before I get to the notable moments in the show by our mayor, I will tell you why I truly enjoyed it. It was the SF Ministerial Association meeting, a group of pastors, priests, chaplains, ministers and reverends in Sioux Falls tackling the big issues in our community. I can truly say I learned a lot about the work they are doing for the less fortunate in our community and the mentally ill. They seem to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ; help those who can’t help themselves.

And this is where it gets ‘odd’.

While these highly intelligent and caring group of folks inform us over an hour about their community service, the mayor either seems oblivious to their work, or learns a helluva lot. I will give him credit on this one. I think Mike left this meeting feeling inspired and informed. I hope he takes this ‘learning’ experience and does something positive with it. And I truly mean it. While I am on his case a lot, I truly think there is a caring individual inside of him. I think he learned quickly throughout the meeting that he didn’t know it all when it comes to these issues in Sioux Falls.

A couple of notable moments in the show were;

• At the beginning the mayor self-proclaimed himself the minister of 170,000 people.

• A pastor (jokingly) encouraged him to become an evangelist after leaving the mayor’s office because of his enthusiasm.

• He is scared of death.

Like I said, you will have to watch it yourself and make your own interpretations. I watch all of this as a deist who doesn’t believe in religion but has a deep faith in a higher power.

The most telling and informative part of the meeting was when a hospital chaplain asked him about his fear of death and his anxiety about it, and carefully offered him advice. She said while she is scared of the process of death (pain and being a burden on her family) she doesn’t fear death itself. She essentially told the mayor he needed to get a handle on his fear of fatalism.

It was very telling.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 11.01.15 at 2:03 pm

The best way for a suspect to minimize his sentence is to find god. It’s also a good way for accusers to recognize someone’s very guilty. Wouldn’t surprise me if Huether becomes a televangelist after he loses the election for governor.

#2 Poly43 on 11.01.15 at 6:36 pm

This was a little difficult to watch. All I can say is these people have no idea who the real mike huether is. IF they knew the pain and misery he caused thousands of people as marketing director of a fee harvesting scam, then they would know a little bit more about what makes this man tick. If they understood the pain and misery he has caused those who desperately need SAM and Paratransit, they would know more about this man. If they knew how he hands out TIF’s like candy to wealthy developers and ignores the poor, then they would know more about this man. If they knew the hardships senior citizens endure as their social security checks stagnate while rent increases yearly because city water rates have tripled in six years, then they would know more about this man. If they knew $500,000 tax dollars went to subsidize a private tennis club with name on it, then they would know more about this man. If these people knew the hardships he has put the poor under so the Snofox swim club has a place to call home, they would know more about this man.

At least 4 times, prolly more, he mentioned the 3,000 jobs in this town. Not a chance. Just because Petsmart has one opening for a pet groomer, and six employment agencies list that job, does not mean that siouxfallshasjobs can aggregate them together as six jobs. Most of the jobs that do exist in this town have been available on that site for several months. As desperate as people are to work and support themselves on their own, I have to ask. WHY are these jobs still open?

#3 anonymous on 11.02.15 at 5:58 am

Well said, Poly43.

Given the expressions on many of their faces, they were not fooled by all his hot air, I think they already have Mike Huether’s number!

#4 The D@ily Spin on 11.02.15 at 9:29 am

Yes, we’ll said Poly. I placed a terrible but true comment (other than above) here that got deleted. L3wis was right to do so. It makes me feel good to know others see Huether for who he is. I’m hoping enough people see what we see so that this is the last time he holds political office.

#5 scott on 11.03.15 at 6:42 pm

how many times did he cry?

#6 Enough of shape places and mmm legacy on 11.04.15 at 11:52 am

Maybe fiddle faddle puts on a shrink hat and holds mms hand telling him what he should do. I bet he’ll go to Pierre with mmm. Maybe the devil is not in Georgia. Lol.