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They spoke during the public input on how disappointed they were about how the ban was killed (twice) and they really didn’t know why (because they didn’t show up and listen) and (probably didn’t know it was killed twice).

Let me let you folks in on a little secret, there is this thing called the initiative and referendum process, give it a shot. You all seem like smart folks. Bet you can pull it off. Of course, it would require you to climb off your pedestals.

I often notice that these ‘very special people’ only show up when they ‘want’ something. We will get to that in a moment(s).

Some of these very ‘special’ moments;

• Former Mayor Knobe showed up (he also got a couple of shout outs from Hizzoner and so did SHS (remember the Blue Dog that got booted out of Congress from a big Mitchell-Hair hick?).

Rick started out by complimenting, then cutting down the council (because they had the bravery to shoo away the thumbsuckers). Knobe points out that he NEVER watched the meeting that the 2nd reading was killed at.

So you are bitching about what? Not being able to access SIRE? (well I will take your side on that one, it is F’ing mess).

Let me fill you in, I spoke out, THE ONLY CITIZEN WHO SPOKE THAT NIGHT! Maybe you should have shown up?

• Another dude came up and encouraged them to light a candle. That candle has been lit, and blown out several times. Time to donate that melted candle to Goodwill.

• A former judge talked about football fields and time, not sure what he said, but he seemed nice and grandfatherly.

• Who let Sandy Jerstad out of the house? Anyway, she brought up the ‘children’. How touching. She never mentioned looking in a rear view mirror while backing up in a parking lot (while NOT texting of course).


• SHS came in full regalia telling us that (her) corporate policy doesn’t allow this activity, yet the company she works for takes millions from the city for landscaping on the river then turns around and lays off dozens of employees. Thanks SHS. I have a feeling the layoffs at your company has affected more lives negatively then Jane the teenager talking on her phone while (attempting to drive). In fact, maybe we should be supporting an ordinance that doesn’t allow local corporations to layoff people after getting corporate welfare for landscaping? Stupid me, that would hamper free enterprise, but hampering liberty? Who cares!

• Some guy blabbered about saving lives. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. He said that people ‘like to do it’ referring that people enjoy talking on the phone while driving. Not the case at all. I would prefer not to talk while I am driving. Really I would.

Like I said before, they missed the train, and apparently the memo was missed to. Choo! Choo!

7 Thoughts on “Cell Phone Banners brought in the Whaaabulance tonight at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting

  1. Defeat Huether 2018! on November 3, 2015 at 3:41 am said:

    Are you going to post a video of this meeting?

  2. The D@ily Spin on November 3, 2015 at 7:25 am said:

    I enjoy council meetings once in awhile. Can’t afford or care to attend anything at Denny Dome because there’s this free weekly circus. It amazes me how people delve on cell phones when it’s already handled with state law. Are locals so narrow minded that their only consciousness is coming and going to their cubicle job. There are real problems that need attention. To name a few; half a billion in city debt, crime, homelessness, corruption, constitutional infringement, obsolete infrastructure, and a mayor with mental problems. We’re on the wrong track when the big news is the city bought a railroad yard that’s a narrow strip needing 10 years of toxic cleanup. I miss the train noise. It’s drowned out by the railroad barons laughing and making snow angels in the black scum that can never be returned to South Dakota top soil.

  3. rufusx on November 3, 2015 at 9:46 am said:

    FWIW – there has already been environmental testing done on the RR yard and guess what? It’s not only nowhere near the levels Mr. D is spinning – it’s actually not anywhere near as bad as ANYONE IMAGINED (key word – imagined).

    That said – I have Q for DL – Do you support gun control? (Much more deadly to cell phones.) Now there’s a real issue for you.

  4. steph needs to quit worrying about cell phones, and run for governor so mmm doesnt. or maybe that’s what this is about. if mmm bans cell phones, then she won’t run for governor.

  5. Enough of shape places and mmm legacy on November 4, 2015 at 4:32 pm said:

    how about control of knives. I see 5 people at a univ of calf school were attacked. Took a good old gun to take care of the attacker.

  6. The D@ily Spin on November 5, 2015 at 7:25 am said:

    It’s not a free state when police trail you waiting for you to use your cell phone. Also, when they subpoena everyone’s cell phone statement. Cite and pry when there’s an accident then ticket them and/or take their license. Another law that costs more to enforce because it’s hard to prove.

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