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While councilor Rex Rolfing worries about constituents wearing baseball caps at Carnegie Hall, I have a HUGE issue with the above picture of the Sioux Falls Planning Commission chair, Andi Anderson wearing a ‘Bender Commercial’ shirt while chairing the meeting tonight. It actually pales in comparison to when former councilor Diamond Jim used to wear clothing from his motorcycle dealership at council meetings.

As the land specialist for her employer Bender Commercial she should show NO bias in her duties as a planning commission member.

Either she didn’t have a couple of seconds to pull off the polo shirt before the meeting (with a turtle neck underneath) or she is testing the waters?

Either way, it is not appropriate.


#1 moses on 11.04.15 at 6:50 pm

Never fear Rex is for Rex always has been always will.

#2 rufusx on 11.04.15 at 7:53 pm

Need a city ordinance prohibiting city officials from wearing “branded” apparel.

#3 The D@ily Spin on 11.04.15 at 8:19 pm

Maybe she’s coming off last night’s Bender. What a boring shirt. Call the fashion police. If Bender wants to become next year’s public funds thief, they need a makeover. I’m thinking shiny sequins and glitter to get more attention than Sanford siding.

#4 The D@ily Spin on 11.04.15 at 8:31 pm

No wonder SIRE is not popular and breaks down. Citizens don’t want to be reminded of how corrupt city hall has become. The brainwashed pLanning comission is but one element. Go ahead and serve your masters but dance coyote ugly with seductive clothing around the council semi-circle runway so we have something to look at while we’re working on a 12 pack.

#5 The D@ily Spin on 11.04.15 at 8:41 pm

My idea of sexy is one of my crisp starched white shirts with 60″ pearls, thigh highs, and 6″ heels. She’s ruined that image forever.

#6 Detroit Lewis on 11.05.15 at 8:16 am

The ironic part is in her LinkedIn picture, she isn’t wearing a ‘Bender’ shirt.

#7 Winston on 11.05.15 at 12:11 pm

What about putting brand names on government buildings? Back in the day, we never named the Sioux Falls Arena the John Morrell Events Center….

#8 l3wis on 11.05.15 at 1:12 pm

I would agree, I have always thought it should be called the Sioux Falls ‘Citizen’s Center’ instead of Denny. We footed 99.9% of the bill.

#9 l3wis on 11.05.15 at 1:13 pm

And just for clarification, I think commissioners and councilors can wear whatever they want to, brand logos, etc. But when your clothing shows a bias you should be a little bit more cognizant.

#10 Winston on 11.05.15 at 8:04 pm

I agree you should be able to wear what you want, but what is an agent of a local developer doing on the planning commission? That’s pure conflict of interest with all do respect. It should be a commission of citizens from all walks of life and signage which might reflect that reality.

Perhaps I am asking for too much and do not realize there are not enough citizens outside of the special interests which care about planning, but in a city of 170,000 I think we could find them.

It reminds me of when they use to call Scoop Jackson the “Senator from Boeing.” At least he was elected and representing a major corporate citizen and employer, but to actually have a representative of a corporate entity on a government board or commission of their most important special interest is a little blatant and disconcerting…. And by the way, even if the Sergeant of Arms would have let him, I don’t think Scoop would have been so blatant as to wear a Boeing hat on the floor of the US Senate….

#11 l3wis on 11.06.15 at 8:44 am

Winston, what Andi did is nothing compared to when they gave the former Planning Chair (who still sits on the commission) a grant from the city to build affordable housing. Talk about conflict of interest. I chewed out a couple of the councilors about it, and nobody said a word.

#12 l3wis on 11.06.15 at 8:45 am


#13 The D@ily Spin on 11.06.15 at 2:00 pm

Winston makes a good point. Showing your bias by whatever means is worthy of an ethics complaint and subsequent dismissal.

#14 Winston on 11.06.15 at 6:11 pm

There seems to be two underlying themes or strategies in politics at all levels over the last 35 years, or since the advent of Reagan. There is the less or no government attitude and the idea that government should be a instrument used primarily for economic development and or by or for its special interests.

These two realities have worked well in hand together to distant citizens interest in government while allowing the special interest to have at it under the claimed justified umbrella of “economic development.” It is a “trickle-down” justification which does little to benefit the citizenry, but it does wonders for the financial interests of the few or the special interests.

Having a member of a board from a special interest overseeing that board’s agenda, which matches the interests of a special interest is not democracy at work. It is definitely not direct democracy and it is merely representative democracy in that it represents the special interest at the potential expense of the citizenries interests.

The siding issue with the Events Center is another example of this. A government building should be completed and make a stately presence (no pun intended). It should not be left shabby looking or not quite done. Our memorials and most of our major government buildings are built with the best material and meant to last, because they symbolize the strength, intent, and the continuity of the governmental entity which built it.

However, this not always true with the private sector. They will often cut corners for the sake of profit. Understanding, yes, that imagine is important, like governmental entities are suppose to appreciate, but if it works it works for them in the private sector. And the decision to not fix the siding on the Events Center is an example of not a governmental decision rather the mindset of the private sector merely interested in profit.

The siding should be fixed. It is our building. The name should be the Sioux Falls Events Center and our government whether it be direct or representative should be democratic (small “d”) both in appearance and actions.

#15 The D@ily Spin on 11.07.15 at 10:50 pm

EC siding issues were identified by citizens. An occupancy permit should have never been issued for many reasons. It’s typical for contractors to take short cuts on public projects materials cost. This project was full price without competitive bids. It’s criminal that the prime contractor shorted the public. Calling it Denny Dome is symbolic for First Premier & Sanford financial weakness. Keep the name.

#16 Andi still doesn’t care — South DaCola on 04.26.16 at 8:25 pm

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