Mayor Huether gives advice on the economic impact of Micro Breweries in Sioux Falls


Well not really, just goes into his normal BS mode (pretending he know something about it);

“It was bud, it was Miller Lite, it was Coors. Now, especially with the millennial generation, times are changing,” says Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether. “Tastes are being refined, demand is being refined and the market is catching up especially the market in Sioux Falls,”

The one thing I have quickly learned about the craft brewing industry, it really doesn’t matter what is the ‘best’ beer, just the one that is marketed the best. That is why the crap our mayor drinks is so popular (I believe I have seen him drinking either Coors Light or Bud Light at a DT Business Grand Opening where I explained to him the different kinds of genital piercings that exist). Let’s just put it this way, he knows about as much about craft beer as he does about a Prince Albert piercing (would love to see him talking about genital piercings on KSFY).