Professor Mike Myers explains his arrest


Closing statements


#1 l3wis on 11.10.15 at 12:26 am

To explain ‘Persona non grata’

“In diplomacy, the term persona non grata (Latin, plural: personae non gratae), literally meaning “an unwelcome person,” refers to a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country’s government. It is the most serious form of censure which one country can apply to foreign diplomats, who are otherwise protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and other normal kinds of prosecution.”

In other words it pertains to foreign diplomats, not former law professors.

#2 tara volesky on 11.10.15 at 5:07 am

Scott, that was very brave of you to interview Professor Myers and inform the people how the Good Old Boys run our state.

#3 The D@ily Spin on 11.10.15 at 7:52 am

He’s a young 79. This story shows how anyone can be arrested on public property, not read their rights, and on unsubstantiated charges. What’s really surprising is this is a law school. It’s worse in Sioux Falls because the city can and will arrest anyone if not everyone at anytime. They do often because they don’t pay jail and litigation expense. Charges are dropped after you’re incarcerated for hours. The punishment becomes the thousands you pay in attorney fees. It’s not a free country when you can be jailed at any time for no reason. It’s why there’s civil unrest around the country. If that’s what it takes to restore civil liberty, time for crowds and signs around city hall.

#4 The D@ily Spin on 11.10.15 at 8:02 am

Again, you’ll not get this news from broadcast media or the Argus. One man (credit cards & hospitals) owns and controls everything in Southeast South Dakota.

#5 THC on 11.10.15 at 9:10 am

Is Mike an attorney?

#6 l3wis on 11.10.15 at 9:18 am

Yes he is, and a member of the State Bar. He agrees with friends and colleagues that it would be best if he didn’t defend himself in this matter and get a criminal attorney to represent him.

#7 THC on 11.10.15 at 9:33 am

Are you sure l3wis? I don’t think he is.

#8 THC on 11.10.15 at 9:39 am


#9 shapiro on 11.10.15 at 12:45 pm

Just wondering why his rights should have been read to him?

Also this video probably won’t help him in court since he admits he knew he wasn’t supposed to be there (the part when he first sees the officer and says he was leaving).

#10 Voter on 11.10.15 at 2:57 pm

This guy needs to run for governor in 2018.

#11 Owen Meany on 11.10.15 at 4:22 pm

shapiro makes a couple of excellent points there.

Here is the applicable statute:
22-35-6. Entering or refusing to leave property after notice–Misdemeanor. Any person who, knowing that he or she is not privileged to do so, enters or remains in any place where notice against trespass is given by:
(1) Actual communication to the person who subsequently commits the trespass;
(2) Posting in a manner reasonably likely to come to the attention of trespassers; or
(3) Fencing or other enclosure which a reasonable person would recognize as being designed to exclude trespassers;
is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. However, if such trespasser defies an order to leave, personally communicated to him or her by the owner of the premises or by any other authorized person, the trespasser is guilty of criminal trespass, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

The Miranda warnings weren’t necessary since there was no custodial interrogation.

Besides, all the incriminating statements needed to confront or impeach Prof. Myers were voluntarily and freely given on the video.

#12 Kevin on 11.10.15 at 4:33 pm

Shapiro: Just because some guy tells you that you can’t go on a college campus does not mean you can’t go on a college campus. I believe a legal order signed by a judge would be required to enforce such a directive. The entire USD campus is a public space (dorm rooms are private, I get that) paid for with your and my tax dollars.

#13 teatime on 11.10.15 at 6:18 pm

Interesting, nice of you to give him an audience. Hope it works out OK for him.

#14 teatime on 11.10.15 at 6:19 pm

And I hope he takes his $ and gives it to a pre-law student or some other charitable cause and not the law school. At least I would find another taker.

#15 shapiro on 11.11.15 at 2:40 am

It sounds like he was given notice in the form of a letter from the Dean … At least that’s what I gleaned from his closing statement. Not sure why Bruce thinks the 1st amendment was violated. The conspiracy theory about Sanford was also laughable. Reminds me of the big deal Lewis made about the crazy lady and the freight elevator at the event center … Stay tuned … And then turns out to be nothing.

#16 shapiro on 11.11.15 at 2:46 am

Oh yeah, I forgot the part about him doing work for Bosworth….that’s when I knew he’s losing his marbles.

#17 l3wis on 11.11.15 at 8:47 am

Well, Boz won in court the other day, and while I don’t condone what she did with her petitions, the simple solution would have been not allowing her to be on the ballot to begin with, could have saved taxpayers $$$ in Kangaroo court proceedings where they drug in every Tchetter and Wipf they could find to take the witness stand, only to testify they committed perjury also.

As for Sanford’s infiltration into our city and the universities, I may agree with you that it is laughable, if it weren’t for Denny having his name on about every f’ing building in town. Minnesota told him to take a hike, I admire their integrity.

#18 Owen Meany on 11.11.15 at 3:21 pm

What was the “win” in court the other day? A stay of the Board’s licensing decision pending appeal?

#19 tara volesky on 11.11.15 at 4:09 pm

Owen, Judge Hoffman is allowing Dr. Bosworth to keep her license pending the appeal. You folks need to know that Professor Myers was on the ground floor creating the Hospital Industrial complex. He could have made millions playing the game, but after a few years being a CEO of several large hospitals in including Mayo, he had to much integrity to continue down that path.

#20 anonymous on 11.12.15 at 5:57 am

Obviously, Owen Meany doesn’t know quite as much as he thinks he does!