Sioux Falls City Council accepting Public Input at what time?

As you saw in a previous post, the city council will be accepting public input on boulevard gardens tomorrow, but like the time your cable repairman says he will be by to fix your cable, the council seems to be taking the same approach;

Land Use Committee, *** 4:30 PM

*** Committee Meeting will start immediately following the adjournment of 4 pm Informational Meeting.

Which pretty much means anytime between 4:05-6:55 PM.

I brought this up on the Argus ‘100 Eyes’ show today, and Patrick Lalley agreed that it wasn’t a very good way of handling public input. He suggested a special meeting at a specific time to address an issue like this. I rarely agree with Pat, but he is right. Don’t tell us you are accepting public input, but can’t give us a specific time when it will occur. People have busy schedules and don’t have the luxury of sitting around for 3 hours waiting for an opportunity to speak. I will be surprised if anyone shows up, in which the council will use as an excuse that no one cares about the issue.

Funny how the council and mayor are always asking for ‘respect’ yet don’t show the same respect towards the people who pay their wages.


#1 The D@ily spin on 12.15.15 at 8:50 am

The best answer for this trick is civil disobedience. How about a Middle East demonstration, show up at 4:30 and throw your shoes at them.

#2 The D@ily spin on 12.15.15 at 9:22 am

I’d never serve on the council without Kevlar, a shield, and steel helmet. There are to many persecuted and volatile citizens. I would run for mayor so I can interject at debates about prevalent corruption. If elected, I’d serve long enough to replace Home Rule and arrest Mike Huether repeatedly on false charges using executive privilege.