Sioux Falls City Councilors Karsky & Kiley approve of inefficiency and poor customer service in city government

During the December edition of ‘Inside Town Hall’ four city councilors had a discussion about Project TRIM (Or as we call it Project Tree Tax). Councilor Staggers of course believes like many cities throughout the Midwest (Brandon, Brookings & Kansas City for example) that the city of Sioux Falls should trim the trees in the boulevard. As a Brandon city councilor brought up in a joint meeting with SF city councilors, “It’s just more efficient and accurate.” then policing homeowners to do it. Councilor Erickson believes the way the city goes about policing the policy is cumbersome and could use improvement.

But councilors Karsky and Kiley think it works just fine (mailing out vague letters about the trees that need to be trimmed, sending out city employees to tag those properties but not identify the actual branches). Kiley goes on to say that it would cost to much for the city to trim the trees. That statement in itself is ridiculous. As the Brandon city councilor pointed out, they discovered it was cheaper to contract out a licensed arborist to just go out and trim those trees then to go through the ridiculous process of paying city employees to drive around and tag properties then send out letters when the time could be better spent at just trimming the violating trees to begin with. Then there is the matter of the adjoining property owners not owning those trees anyway because they sit on city property.

No surprise to me that Kiley and Karsky would find the process A’ OK as is.


#1 Big Guy on 12.07.15 at 2:57 pm

I have too many trees than I like on my property. I’ve received numerous notices from the city. Every notices I receive NEVER show which trees that, in their eyes, violate their taste. I do trim when I see the need and to meet their minimum requirements, sometime more than needed; yet notices kept on coming. Also I usually do the annual “shakedown” during springtime to get rid whatever the damages snow and wind have done. I never take heed to the notices and I have yet seen city sic an arborist on my property. *knock on wood*

I use these notices as fire starter for my charcoal grill. Guess that’s what they’re best for.

Safe to say that the City likes to talk shit, eh?

#2 The D@ily spin on 12.07.15 at 6:45 pm

Trees between the curb and sidewalk are city property. Your property line starts behind the sidewalk. Ignore city notices and citations. The best thing to do is civil disobedience and not respond. Never (repeat never) pay a fine. It’s an admission of guilt. They’ll stack fines of all types and you’ll be their bitch. They’ll never sue for fines or performance because circuit court does not accept their form of due process. You’ll have lots of city employees trespassing to your front door. Unload on them with paintball and water balloons. There’s a new sport dropping fresh dog turds on them with that drone you’ll get for Xmas

#3 scott on 12.07.15 at 9:16 pm

last year, i got 3 notices from the city stating to trim my trees. i called on the final notice, and asked which trees were in violation. i also told the clerk the only trees i have on my property within 50 feet of a sidewalk were evergreen trees. she said she would sent someone out there again. i got a call back an hour later stating they had the wrong house.

#4 Not a Fan on 12.07.15 at 10:12 pm

Why wouldn’t they want to run a trial program just to see how it runs and that the citizens might actually like?

Oh that’s right. Then we might end up with something like snow gates.

So much for looking at other communities to see what works. So much for being forward thinking. So much for thinking period.

#5 James on 12.08.15 at 9:36 am

I think they just sent out notices to our whole neighborhood this fall.

I now notice, I’m getting mailings and door-hangers from tree trimmers. How much did they make selling my information?

#6 The D@ily spin on 12.08.15 at 6:33 pm

James might have identified the true purpose of the trees campaign. The city wants revenue from fines. The code enforcer improperly serves a citation on doorknobs with an advisement for his side business tree trim company.

I’m thinking making citation books stamped by the code enforcer signature. However also, doorknob hang your tree company flyer. Both the city and the con are improper service that can’t be pursued legally. Your new private tree company will thrive. Put the bogus notices at all residences. It’ll keep city planning and the board of adjustment occupied while you’re making big bucks cutting a few limbs off trees.