Interesting comment on using sales taxes to fund education

A South DaCola foot soldier found this comment (I believe on Just like video lottery, will the promises be broken on education funding?

Rick Kriebel ·

The big problem is that the tax revenue grows three times faster than the state allows school funding to grow,,, The Blue ribbon task farce recommended keeping the inflation up to 3% limitation,,, here is what that causes,,,

Using the trends of the last 5 years – sales taxes have grown at 5.34% per year and k-12 funding has increased by about 1.9% per year, and assuming the schools get 75 million of the half penny.

Assuming these trends continue for the next 10 years,,,

1) The 109 million dollar tax will grow to 183 million.

2) The schools will only receive 91 million of the 183 million tax increase.

3) Leaving 92 million, more than half ! – for our fiscally conservative Rinos’ to spend after just 10 years.

4) by 20 years – the tax grows to about 310 million – schools will get about 110 million and the Rinos’ will have a dainty 200 million dollar slush fund, nearly TWICE AS MUCH as the schools will be getting,,

5) By 10 years or less the schools wiil be broke because of the “inflation up to 3%” limitation and the schools will be screaming for more money and us poor taxpayers will be on FB and blogs asking


This is as simple as fool me once, fool me twice !!



#1 Curt on 01.17.16 at 10:00 pm

Mr Kriebel is an intelligent and insightful former member of both the RC Board of Education and City Council. He does his homework diligently and thoroughly.

#2 Winston on 01.17.16 at 10:18 pm

Some of us are old enough to remember when the additional penny of Sioux Falls sales taxes was enacted into law (1983) to be used only for the maintenance of roads.

Today, it is all designated for the “Capital Improvement Fund.” I guess roads could be “CI,” hopefully…

As we all get excited about raising funds to pay our teachers more, it is important we know what we are wishing for or actually doing long term.

In figuring out how to pay our teachers more, all forms of taxation must be on the table in order to have a honest debate about it and also a honest outcome…

#3 LJL on 01.17.16 at 10:29 pm

Very well said. Rinos, their all rinos.

#4 grudznick on 01.18.16 at 12:24 am

There probably won’t be blogs in 10 years. There weren’t blogs 10 years ago and they are already dying. I bet you there will be a new thing in 10 years.

#5 bbgon molasses on 01.18.16 at 3:01 am

Blue Ribbon (facepalm right there)


#6 The D@ily Spin on 01.18.16 at 8:23 am

Sales tax increases counter the intent. It bought airplanes for the governor’s hobby. State lottery was supposed to improve school funding. More than ever, citizens order online because they don’t pay sales tax. Consumers are frugal and conscious. It’s not a tax revolt but Economics 101. More tax means less consumption and impulse purchases. Get this started and revenue remains stagnant with fewer local retail centers. It’s already happened. Look at the empty store fronts and dying small towns.

#7 Defeat Huether 2018 on 01.18.16 at 10:30 am

No on sales tax increase! NO!