RIP Ziggy

This has always been one my favorite Bowie songs. It’s basically about being a weird teenager and how your friends think you are cool the way you look and your parents are mortified. It’s probably about some other shit to. Who know with Bowie ūüôā


#1 Poly43 on 01.11.16 at 8:00 pm

This is my favorite Bowie song

As I watched this vid, I thought about the scuttled space shuttle program. I always thought of it as money well spent. It was not money spent on bombing, and killing, but of exploration. I liked it. But at a inflation adjusted cost of $119 billion it was just too much for the American taxpayer to handle. Too bad.

#2 Winston on 01.11.16 at 8:17 pm

Like Dylan, he remained relevant because he knew how to reinvent himself. Because he knew his real talent and purpose were to be the messenger and his reinventions were merely the means.

I remember the first time I saw him on TV back in ’73. Back then, NBC had a rock show after the 10 o’clock news. This was before SNL had come into being‚Ķ.. And there was Bowie on the TV, I was 12 years old and watching this British guy sing while dressed in drag. I remember thinking “What the hell?” However, over time he grew on me, like for many, because he was a messenger and not just an entertainer dressed in a costume.

#3 rufusx on 01.13.16 at 11:54 am

I had brunch one day with Mr. Bowie and his wife Iman at a little hole-in-the-wall place in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco – the Pork Store (1990). Just a random chance sort of thing -happened to be seated at the same table. Talked about mundane every-day stuff. Nice folks.

#4 dissapearing posts bbg on 01.13.16 at 6:48 pm

I remember it like yesterday 21 year old BBG
out with a 28 year old vixen from work (generally a dumb idea) and my baby sister.
I had to smuggle them 2 into the mens room and protect them because the line for ladies room was like a half mile

Peter Frampton!!!
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