Guess what Mayor Huether is talking about in this quote

Apocalypse now OR later?

“We have followed the city council’s game plan on this project for a full year and are on the 1-yard line,” said Huether. “I can’t believe that anyone would want to quit the team now, or worse yet, want some other players to step in, in hopes to carry it over the goal line. Sioux Falls wants leadership that plays to the bitter end and plays to win.”

WOW! Sounds dire. What is our fearless (except when it comes to death) leader talking about?

Fixing the 13th most polluted waterway in the U.S.? Nope.

Paying all residents of Sioux Falls a living wage (including city employees)? Nope.

Reducing STDs in the community, and while we are at it, violent crime? Nope.

Filling every pot hole in this town? Nope.

Making sure we become the NCAA tournament capital of the world? He wishes.

Bringing transparency to government? BAHAHAHAHA.

Sorry, folks, you lost at them all. He is talking about a building that city employees may or may not need. A project that could easily be put on hold (thats all the council is asking) for a few more months to a year.

Something that could easily be fixed by terminating one employee, as one South DaCola foot soldier pointed out to me tonight,

“If there is no project, there is no need for a project manager. Fire her and move the engineers out of the basement into her (large) office. Problem solved.”

Probably not that easy, but worth the discussion. Of course, that would mean firing a certain Argus employee who has nothing better to write about to.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 03.24.16 at 6:53 am

Sounds like another mayor tantrum. It’s gotten better. Used to be crying and throwing himself on the floor. Some 2 year olds need their privileges taken away or even a good paddling.

#2 Sheeple on 03.24.16 at 11:01 am

How far does huether want to put this city into debt? He just wants another building with his name on it. His ego has no end.

There isn’t that great of need for space at city hall – other than the need that huether created:

– Get rid of the “business” nazis in finance he created, that will free up some space.
– Get rid of the useless engineers and outsource their work to private firms. The quality of the work will go up and there will be some accountability for once.
– Get rid of fitness people in HR. The head one is Anorexic, that’s not a healthier example than being overweight either. Waste of taxpayer money. Give larger cash health bonuses, you’ll get better ROI.
– Get rid of not only the project manager (each project has its own) but get rid of the the communications specialist in the mayor’s office too. What does she do anyway besides a press release every other month?

That’s should be a reduction in over 20 people without negatively impacting the quality of work and will improve the speed and efficiency of things getting done.

#3 blasphemo on 03.24.16 at 12:24 pm

This quote lept off the page at me, too. Thank you Southdacola for shining a light on it. The final words are particularly telling: “Sioux Falls wants leadership that plays to the bitter end and plays to win.” Clearly MMM is basing a conclusion like that on listening solely to the developers and financiers with whom he huddles. Not every citizen wants actions in their community run like a bunch of defensive lineman with little regard for concussions and other collateral damage. This winning-is-everything-the-ends-justify-the-means-outta-my-way-damn-the-torpedoes mantra is arrogance & empire building personified. Strong leadership can be balanced with patience, empathy and regard for differing opinions. ENOUGH of this adolescent posturing, already!

#4 JD on 03.24.16 at 12:38 pm

Hey kids, want some more Howdy Doody time?

#5 anominous on 03.24.16 at 1:54 pm

1-yard line of the wrong end zone. And please test the players for doping.