Darrin Smith uses common sense for once


In one of his last decisions as community development director, he chose to use common sense;

May 26, 2016: Smith, in what’s likely to be his last press conference as Community Development director, says city will not build a standalone ramp and instead will look for new partners to move forward with mixed-use parking facility.

Not only was it obvious to NOT build a standalone structure, I don’t think the administration had the votes on the council to get a standalone passed and built, especially with the current discussion about the new administration building.

At least Smith goes out on a good note.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 05.26.16 at 9:58 pm

Who listens to this Bozo? Everything he’s been involved with is a disaster. Bring your rotten tomatoes. This guy is a fun target.

#2 Kindler Gentler OBG on 05.27.16 at 5:12 am

There used to be a sign touting COMMON SENSE
down by (reopened/reclosed)hardees on 10th .
I discovered it on one of my many foot patrols from 10th and Sycamore to Minnesota past Sunshine foods.
Moral of the story “get off thine heiny”
use your body.(hahahah parking lot of personal mobility devices
15 deep at china mart)
Adios and via con dios

PS Do they search you for cream pies before entering places
where mmm sked to be present?



#3 CI on 05.27.16 at 1:15 pm

But whose common sense did he use? Did the new community development director clue him in?

Or was this another example of toning down spending because of the new watchdog council members?