‘Infrastructure Mike’ makes his debut


“Enough monkeying around folks, we are gonna fix these dang crappy roads with the day god gave us.”

When I first started watching this interview(?) I had to make a double take to make sure I wasn’t watching Reid Holsen interviewing Mike on CityLink and not Matt Holsen on Stormland TV. It was sure nice of Matt to allow the mayor to drive him around and pretty much write the story for him. I wonder if Matt also let Mike edit the video. Great piece of journalism, maybe Randell Beck will award you a Pulitzer? Probably not, but, I see Green Bay Packer tickets in your future (or maybe the mayor will buy you a Coors Light at the company Christmas party).

Enough of that.

Doesn’t anyone else find it a bit ironic that shortly after a municipal election where the winning candidates talked about fixing our roads, the mayor has a change of heart (he also changed the name of the Administration Building to the Public Services Building). Maybe he could sell sponsorships to the place? I think the Darrin Smith Commemorative Building has a nice ring to it, after all, the first phase of construction will leave half the building unfinished, seems fitting.

So after spending a lion’s share of the 2nd penny kitty on play things and fun houses the mayor is all of sudden concerned about our roads. Awww. It really warms a heart.

“That’s how I’m going out the final two and that is repairing and rebuilding and replacing this infrastructure and yeah including some of the bumpy roads in our town,” Huether said.

That should have been your priority when you were sworn in to begin with. With dwindling tax revenue over the next two years and bond payments coming from the 2nd penny like a payment on a sub-prime credit card, just how much can you spend on roads? No worries though, Infrastructure Mike has it handled with his personal press secretary Matt Holsen and Stormland TV.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 05.25.16 at 4:35 pm

I encountered Reid Holstein when I tried to make a complaint against the code enforcer. Not sure why he had a corner office in personnel and the director could not be found. Reid needs anger management. He didn’t like me reporting that the code enforcer threatened me from the audience at a public hearing and sat in an unmarked car outside my house most evenings. Holstein boiled over when I smiled and winked at him after I tried 4 times to file a complaint. Watching the code enforcer break down in tears on the witness stand made my day. He didn’t get fired. There seems to be no city complaint process so let the dogs out. Lots of Pit Bulls up for adoption.

#2 The D@ily Spin on 05.25.16 at 4:44 pm

Do you complain to the state attorney general when the mayor assaults and injures you at ‘Listen and Taze’?

#3 Warren_Phear on 05.25.16 at 7:51 pm

Also, if you check the city salary data base, you’ll see Matt’s wife had a nice cushy management position with the city.

#4 Enough of shape places and mmm legacy on 05.25.16 at 10:23 pm

After listening to kelolands reporting of Gear up and AIA abuses. Maybe the same abuse is occurring in Sanford falls. When you take controls away. Greed and egos kick in

#5 scott on 05.26.16 at 2:57 pm

isn’t reid holson matt holson’s dad? i’m surprised soo foo stu wasn’t in the back seat.

#6 l3wis on 05.26.16 at 3:09 pm

Maybe he was on the floorboard?

#7 scott on 05.26.16 at 6:48 pm

i think reid and jennifer are brother and sister.

#8 l3wis on 05.27.16 at 12:53 am

Let’s clarify a few things. This is what we know.

Reid and Jennifer are brother and sister. Jennifer used to run HR for the city, then retired and had a critical blog about the city for awhile. Reid is 2nd in command of the city’s HR department and hosts the show “Ask the Mayor.”

Matt is married to Grace, who works for the city at citylink. I think she is production staff.

Matt could be the son of Reid or Jennifer (not sure which if either) and if not, he is certainly their nephew.

#9 CI on 05.27.16 at 1:36 pm

To further clarify what we know…

When Jennifer retired from the city, she recommended Bill O’Toole as the new HR director, whom Mayor Munson then appointed.

O’Toole then hired Reid as the replacement for the vacancy Bill’s promotion to director.

O’Toole also brought Reid in at higher pay then one of the female managers who had been working in HR for a few years, and worked in planning for many years before that.

Civil Service rules exist in city government to stop exactly what happened in this situation. They don’t always work.

O’Toole was not the most qualified candidate for the job. He has an ungrad degree in criminal justice or some such nonsense, not HR and failed to complete his masters degree when he started it.

He’s shown under Huether his ‘ethics’ are flexible and he’s willing to put them aside and interpret the law and city policy as the mayor needs him to.

Reid’s background was in radio and journalism, not HR. Other candidates had backgrounds in HR, years of experience, masters in HR, were directors of HR departments in public and private sectors, were better qualified not only than Reid, but were better qualified than O’Toole.

But this is what we got, all so Jennifer’s brother could get a job.

#10 The D@ily Spin on 05.27.16 at 10:17 pm

Paternalism extremes. If everyone at city hall is Holstein, they need a separate urinal. Can’t have the elite using public and transgender facilities.