Water Rate Increases, scripted in the bathroom stall

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#1 Warren_Phear on 05.02.16 at 8:56 pm

This was really hard to watch. Defineatly an attempt to indoctrinate the unwashed masses. Plenty of references to Flint Michigan and LEAD. Fact is this increase was needed for just one reason, and that reason has little to do with “existing” infrastructure upgrades and LEAD. What it does have to with is running several miles of water and sewer lines and electrical transmission lines northwest of the I29/90 interchange. Water reclamation lines alone have an outlay of 37.6 million dollars alone to get to Foundation Park. Water lines for new development to Foundation Park and Arrowhead Parkway is over 11.5 million for the next 3 years. Add 3.8 million for electric transmission upgrades to reach this city outpost that is going to bring us just a whole damn bunch of $12 an hour jobs. Meanwhile, the other development park outposts we’ve already invested millions in sit nearly empty with water and electric sticking out of weed infested ground looking for a hookup. What a waste. This 3 year rate increase will net the city 21 million, while it will take double that to “develop” Foundation Park.

Flint Michigan my ass!!!